One Keyboard for Your Tablet, Phone and PC? Yep, It Exists

Imagine working on a document on your computer. Then as you are working, you get a notification on your iPad about a query on your Facebook account. You write a reply to it and get back to your document. Suddenly your phone pings and someone on WhatsApp wants a bit of help. You write down a long reply, explaining how to handle things. And then get back to your document on your computer. 

Happens to many of us, right? A day in the life of someone working  – multiple apps, multiple devices…a whole lot of typing. 

Now imagine if you did all of that on ONE keyboard? That’s right. One keyboard for typing on your PC, on your tablet and on your phone. The same keyboard. And without having to go through the hassle of connecting and reconnecting devices? You can literally switch from one device to another by just moving  a dial. 

Sounds crazy? But ever so convenient! Well, Logitech has a keyboard that has been doing this for almost five years now. We are talking of the Logitech K480. It’s old, but in terms of sheer utility, it is more gold than ever. 

A proper full sized keyboard 
Slightly larger than a normal iPad and a little thicker, this is a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard with a line of special function keys and also a row of number keys. The keys are round but large and have lots of “travel,” so when you tap them, you get a very satisfying clicky feel. It even has a small “trench” at the top where you can place a phone or a tablet, acting almost like a stand of sorts. You can just park your phone or tablet there and type away- creating a very makeshift but very effective notebook like situation. Sure, you cannot change viewing angles but then, you get a lot of convenience.

The keyboard runs on two AAA batteries – that may not sound like much but they actually last more than a year. The K480 is designed to work with virtually any device – whether it runs Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and even Chrome. If it has got Bluetooth, the chances are that the K480 will work with it. 

A dial that is magical
But what makes it REALLY special is a dial on the top. You can pair the keyboard with up to three devices at one time, and using the dial, switch between them. So if we go to the original scenario at the beginning of this story- you actually can move the keyboard from your computer to your phone by simply moving the dial. No fiddling with Settings and Bluetooth or anything. You just have to pair each device once with the keyboard and allot it a number – moving the dial will move the keyboard between those devices. 

It is frankly borderline magical, and the convenience is astonishing. Let’s face it, although touchscreen keyboards have got a whole lot better, typing on a real keyboard is so much more convenient. And it does help that the K480 is a VERY good keyboard and is super fun to type on. Ever since we started using it, we were writing longer messages, our comments and posts on social networks had fewer errors and were more detailed and even on WhatsApp, we were sending out sentences instead of single or two word responses. 

Not perfect, but a must have for multi-device users
All this does not mean that the Logitech K480 is perfect. Far from it. It is a noisy keyboard and you will get stares from those who love their peace and quiet if you use it in a public place – those keys really go clickety clack. The keyboard is also a little on the heavy side – it is almost a kilogram in weight so it does add on to what you are already carrying. It is actually heavier than an iPad, and only slightly lighter than a MacBook Air. And well, sometimes – very rarely – the switching mechanism between devices does not work as smoothly as it is supposed to. The ultra modern folk might also not like the audio of using good old AA batteries in an era when you can.

Some might also consider Rs 2,499 a little too steep a price to pay for a Bluetooth keyboard. But well, read those opening lines again. This is a keyboard that works with almost ANY mobile device at any time.

Our call? It is a must-have if you are using more than one device to type! Learn more about the Logitech K480 keyboard here.

You can buy the Logitech K480 keyboard on Amazon

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