The Curse | Short Story

In a land far far away, lived king Shatroop and queen Ranjini with their twin sons. Both of them looked largely similar, with the only difference being in their skin colour.

Release | Short Story

On a cold evening, the man unlocked the door to his house from inside and led his pregnant wife towards their garden. It was early evening and the last rays of the sun could be seen on the horizon.

The Unmarked Grave | Short Story

In a village in Kushana, Mongolia, there lived a water diviner named Ismail Khan. He had a son named Alkaxyam. The village was surrounded by mountains on one side and the desert on the other.

Leftover Rice Recipes | Short Story

Delhi winters are a general anaesthetic. They numb the body and the mind. One dose of confusion and the effect lasts for weeks; that is why Hari avoids the rituals the city offers on marvellously lazy days.

Due Diligence | Short Story

July 23, 2017; 9.57 PM; The Present.

“Hello, this is Natalie.”
Well, hello Natalie, what song would you like me to play?” “Could you please play Slim Shady by Eminem?”

The Living | Short Story

Sundays should be sleepy, relaxed and personal. Robin’s Sunday dawned with his landlord’s dead face splashed across all the major dailies and TV news channels. Headlines screamed- “Gay lovers end lives”.

A Cupboard Full of Coats | Short Story

It was late in the afternoon, but already felt like dusk. The street was almost devoid of its usual stragglers and there was a feeling of tranquillity in the air; that ephemeral interlude that precedes the deluge of homebound husbands and wives, all eager to get to their dinner.