Kunzum Travel List 1-25: Preface

By the author, Ajay Jain

The time to travel is often preceded with an agonizing period – of figuring out where to go and what to do. There is information galore out there, but only if someone could plan it out and offer options on a platter.

And thus the Kunzum Travel List. Full of great ideas to choose from. From all across India, Nepal and the rest of the subcontinent. Holidays you will cherish, and remember for a lifetime. Something you will share with others and evoke envy – prompting friends to ask you more so they too can head out on the same path.

What you will read and see in this book is the effort of a lot of hard work. I have personally experienced all this for myself before recommending it further. And the presentation is not in a typical travel guide or brochure format – but in a first person travelogue style, peppered with anecdotes and photographs. I want to inspire you, not just inform. Leaving you restless till you pack your bags.

Unlike many others in the market, this is not a list running into hundreds and thousands. These may make for fancy numbers but lose out on detail. What you have here is more imagery, more detail. The book wants to transport you on a holiday twice – once, when you read it, and again when you live it for yourself.

The list does not claim to represent the best out there – it is just about great experiences. The numbering is for reference only. There is too much for travellers to admire in this world and no one can cover it all; and it is not fair to rank them as each is as deserving.

Just go, and have a great time travelling.