Finally a place for travellers to meet.
In the real world – not on social media.
To simply bum around.
Exchange travel stories. Make travel plans.
Read up travel books in the library.
Post travelogues & pics. Even write books.
And buy travel books and photographic art.
Over coffee and cookies. PAY WHAT YOU LIKE.

Use free Wi-Fi.
Only at the…
Kunzum Travel Café!

The Kunzum Travel Cafe in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

The Kunzum Travel Cafe in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

When you cannot travel, what is the next best thing that you can do? Make travel plans. Or get transported virtually to dream destinations when others share their travel stories with you. And you do likewise.

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This is what the Kunzum Travel Café is all about. A place for travellers to meet, exchange travel stories, make friends, even connect with future travel partners –while spending the day bumming around over coffee and free Wi-Fi. Also on offer are opportunities to attend interactive talks and workshops by travellers, photographers, writers and other relevant personalities. Or they can simply sit back and enjoy as musicians jam around.

Visitors would also be encouraged to share their travel stories, anecdotes, experiences, images and videos with others – on, at a scrapbook available at the café or on the pin boards.

A well stocked library can be referred to for travel books including guides, coffee table books and travelogues. Travel companies offering unique services have started leaving their catalogs at the café too – enabling travellers to make well informed choices. Visitors would be offered books published by Kunzum as well as photographic art curated by it.

The best part: you are not obliged to buy anything. And when you have coffee, you may choose to pay what you like. Beat that.

Do we have you hooked? Join us for coffee. And tell us your travel stories while you are here.

Where to find us
T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village,
New Delhi 110 016, India.

Timings: Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 am – 7:30 pm
+91.11.2651 3949
+91.9650 702 777


Book Reading @ Kunzum with author Rohini Singh

Book Reading @ Kunzum with author Rohini Singh

Kunzum Travel Cafe, New Delhi, India

Delhi Drum Circles @ Kunzum Travel Cafe

Travel Talk about Peru by Zorawar Shukla @ Kunzum

Travel Talk about Peru by Zorawar Shukla @ Kunzum

An afternoon at Kunzum

An afternoon at Kunzum

Coffee & Photos, some of the things we do :)

Coffee & Photos, some of the things we do :)

Kunzum's Wall of Travel

Kunzum's Wall of Travel

Some of the Photos on Sale

Some of the Photos on Sale

Come and join us for a hot cuppa coffee/tea!

Come and join us for a hot cuppa coffee/tea!


  1. would like to come with my 2 kids age 7 & 14 yrs ? any policy on kids .

    i play the bongos ,which day can i come…..




  2. Hello Ajay. Am a travel buff travel from Calcutta.and travel as much as I can afford to. I first came to know about you guys a year ago from a popular Calcutta daily in its sunday special about travel. Really loved it and have always wanted to visit it. Was wondering if you guys are interested in setting up a similar place in Cal? Coz we Bongs just love to travel and hangout!We call it Adda. Am sure you know it. It’ll be great.

  3. nice concept, will visit this place sooon..

  4. loved the concept.
    got to know about it through some london frnds of mine . and read about it in times out delhi…
    m a applied artist. love to travel. and the best creativity….
    love to visit soon….

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  8. Hi, I visited the cafe last Sunday. I could not believe the the passion and its manifestation in form of this cafe. It was absolutely amazing. I sat there with my friend for around 2-3 hours and after that when we had to leave .. she said .. so back to real world !!

    Though I live in North Delhi .. its other corner of city.. but I will keep visiting the cafe as often as I can.


  9. Hi ajay. I am excited to hear about Kunzum. I wanted to arrange a hangout with my college friends (about 4-5 ppl) at your place on saturday (3/10/2012). could you tell me if it is too occupied on weekends or what exactly could we eat/snack there? We are all media professionals interested in travel and photography.

  10. Hi ajay, i am in delhi. Please tell hw can i reach u there. I am new to delhi.

  11. Swetha Sekar says:

    Looking forward to my sociology project that I am going to make on this place! 😀
    Thanks to the central manager for making me feel so welcome! Looking forward to the interviews. :)

  12. Jigar Mehta says:

    Hi, A friend of mine is looking for a place to do a reading of his newly released book. Can we arrange a reading at KUNZUM and how do we go about it and what would be the charges for the same? Please do get in touch.


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  15. Hi Ajay,

    Hope you are doing well. My name is Rahul and I am budding photographer based in Delhi. I was wondering if I could sell my photographs through your cafe. Please check out my work at

    Waiting for your reply.


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  18. Do u Also have a film club or something?? as in do u screen movies regularly?

  19. shweta nautiyal says:

    Dear Ajay,
    Nice concept and a nice place too…

  20. wonderful concept.wish some

  21. Hitesh Kaushik says:

    Nice and Peaceful Place..

    I wasn’t a frequent traveler and I hate reading books..
    I don’t know how and when I went to Kunzum Cafe. First thing immediately wat I did was I had a lovely coffee with tasty cookies(Which I had first time in my life)..

    After having fantastic mini meal, I started loving travel.. not a joke.. seriously…some thing is in the air… And since then I have been to Manali, Puri, Goa, Kasmir and now next month Bali.

    Amazing !! Simply Amazing

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  23. Gargi Choudhury says:

    I need an appointment of the owner of this cafe Mr. Ajay Jain as soon as possible.I am making a documentary on the alternative places for art and photography exhibitions.

  24. Even sitting in Mumbai and traveling all across India I heard a lot about you guys…basically word of mouth which increased the curiosity within me. So, the moment I relocated to Delhi the first thing I did was to inquire further more,and one fine day there I was – at Huaz Khas…in front of me a place which I heard so much about. However, my bad luck didnt had a chance to step in!

    I am a travel freak 😉 literally saying I would travelling, its my passion…something I connect myself with! And along with it comes Photography! Photography is my passion. My happiness. My heartbeat. The sole reason to my existence. My lens creates my very own world while travelling and exploring unknown lands, culture and people. Focusing on each object and capturing every moment, movement is what ignites my life and makes it memorable!

    I would love to visit you guys and be a part of the family…its been ages I am searching a place to finish my travel notes! I think at last I found one!

    Wish to see you guys next week sometime.

  25. Ajay, I want to connect with you guys in terms of discussing more about photography…travel…exploring unknown new lands…travel notes…writing…work shops etc…would you suggest any particular day & / time?

  26. Today m gonna visit this place

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  28. Today after realising tthat i was 2.5 hours ahead of my class time.. i wandered off alone in hauz khas n bumped into kunzum cafe. I loved every bit of it. Those pictures, the ambience, the concept.. everything was so amazing like i wanted to fit everything in my sight before leaving the cafe. I am completely in awe of it.

  29. Hi Megha, Thank you for your wonderful words. It has been our philosophy from day one that our guests own the place – and make it what it is. :) So do keep coming back.

  30. Ankita Singh says:

    Though being a regular to Hauz Khas Village, I never knew about Kunzum Cafe (which is btw a very nice name). I had to meet a friend and he said that he is at Kunzum Cafe, this is when I first got in contact with this heavenly place in HKV. Kudos for the brilliant concept, I love everything about this place :) :)

  31. Meenakshi Kurpad says:

    I spent an entire afternoon at the Cafe and loved it! I don’t travel much now, but plan to once I graduate. I really enjoyed reading ‘Delhi 101’ and browsing through the other travel guides. Great concept!
    Do consider opening one in Bangalore!

  32. Thanks Meenakshi. Hope to see you around more often. And we so want to open one in Bangalore. Hopefully the stars will fall in place soon.

  33. Nisarg Vaghela says:

    I’m from Gujarat. And coming to Delhi soon. Now I have found another wonderful thing to add in my bucket-list. Coming soon to Kunzum to have a wonderful experience.

  34. That’s great Nisarg. Sure looking forward to having you over. :)

  35. i’ve been on a travel spree lately…….
    visie mcleodganj(HP),
    jaipur and ajmer…
    but from the reviews i’ve read about kunzum ….my visits could have been more structured..
    looking forward to visiting kunzum soon.

  36. Never really had the chance to step inside but the enchanting idea about the cafe and its unique culture is- so -tempting. guess, now I won’t be able to resist any longer!

  37. Geeta Batra says:

    Is it possible to book the cafe for an afternoon book club meeting, along with food & beverages? Please send me some information.
    Regardless, I love travelling and would like to be kept upto date with events.

  38. hi
    this is amazing concept Travel Cafe.
    i wish it should get opened in pune.

  39. Aakanksha says:

    i just loved the idea, got to know about this place through a friend at work. i am from Chennai, i so wanna visit Kunzum soon.

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  41. Mrinmoyee Paul says:

    Hi, I’d like to receive updates about upcoming events held at Kunzum cafe


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