Kunzum Travel Truck

kunzum-traveltruck-170717- 11415The Kunzum Travel Café opened its doors to the world on June 12, 2010 – it has since become synonymous with the idea of a traveller community.

As Brand Kunzum, established earlier in 2007, completes a decade, we have introduced an idea that promises to be another game changer – we call it the Kunzum Travel Truck. Very simply, it is recreating the café on wheels. People would no longer just talk travel, but head out together too.

On journeys curated by experts. In vans that make travel fun and engaging – comfortable push back seats, unlimited bar, WiFi on board, funky interiors, LED screens, music systems and more. Trips have been scheduled every week taking you to places you may not have considered on your own. With service standards that will delight you.

In other words, the Kunzum Travel Truck would be the destination in itself. Where you will make new friends too. Hop aboard – book a journey at http://kunzum.com.

Want to book a truck for your family, friends, alumni and office colleagues?
We all like to head out with our private groups – why not do it in style in a Kunzum Travel Truck? We can suggest itineraries and you can express your preferences. Leave the rest to us – we will handle all research, curation, bookings and organisation of the trip.

Talk to us at +91.9650702777 / wetravel@kunzum.com.


Features of the Kunzum Travel Truck (a.k.a. KTT)
We bought a van, and then converted it into the Kunzum Travel Truck. We took everything apart – and then refitted it with amenities you would need as a traveller. With a major emphasis on styling, design and comfort. Just some of the features of the Kunzum Travel Truck:

* Maharaja Seats: There should be only one way to travel – business class. The KTT comes fitted with luxurious seats to keep you comfortable throughout.
* Air Suspension: Plush seats are no good if the ground below is bumpy. So we changed the suspension – and installed a state-of-the-art Air Suspension system – for you to glide over bumps, speed-breakers, off-road and even smooth tarmac.
* Your Own Kit Bag: To keep you feeling clean and fresh through the journey, everyone gets their own kit bags. These include sanitizers, wet wipes and tissues. And little bottles of Indian Rose Face Wash, Toning Mist, Shower Gel (also to be used as soap along the way) and Apricot Moisturiser – created specially for Kunzum by Soultree.
* Mood Lighting: No harsh lighting for you. We have mood lighting for different parts of the day and night. Embedded in a way so it lights up only parts of the KTT you want bright.
* FREE Wi-Fi on Board: We live in a connected age – so why deny you WiFi? It’s on board, and free!!
* Charging Points for Gadgets: A device with a dead battery can be a party-pooper. Every seat has a USB port to charge your mobiles. And we have adapters to even juice up your cameras and laptops.
* Unlimited Bar and Munchies Bag- FREE!!: Oh joy!! Keep digging into our tuck with chilled water, soft drinks (we also sneak a bit more sometimes!!) and munchies all through. It’s a bottomless pit – so have as much as you have. At no charge!!
* Entertainment – Movies and Music: Sit back and get entertained. Plug in your USB in a Hi-Fi system for music you enjoy!! Or even pop in a DVD and watch movies of your choice on our screen.
* Big Glass Windows: If you can’t see the world around clearly, then the idea of travel is lost. So we have installed big glass panes for you to savour the wonderful world we travel through.
* Blinds, Not Curtains: No tacky curtains but smooth blinds on windows.
* The Look and Feel: Just look and feel the insides and outsides of the KTT. Everything has been taken care of to combine style with functionality. The colours, the materials, the lights, the grills, the dashboard, the ceiling and walls, the flooring…. you will rarely have travelled in such a vehicle.


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