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iPad Air: Weight Matters? A Review | Coffee @Kunzum with Ajay Jain & Nimish Dubey

The iPad Air is the latest kid in Apple’s block where it marries the iPad tablet series features and branding with those of MacBook Air computers. And what do we have? An incredibly light (for[Read More…]

by December 19, 2013 Coffee at Kunzum, Kunzum TV

Travel Tech: You know you need an iPad if…

Nimish Dubey It has without doubt been THE tech product of 2010, reviving the tablet, posing a threat to the netbook market and giving a whole new dimension to portable computing. But just how useful[Read More…]

by December 20, 2010 Travel Tech

Tech: Olive Pad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab – Which tablet is better for travelling?

By Nimish Dubey Some of us might think that notebooks are better travelling companions than tablets but the fact cannot be denied that it is tablets that are the rage in the market these days.[Read More…]

by November 24, 2010 Travel Tech

A must-pop tablet for all techie travellers!

For all the praise heaped upon all the tablets in the market, we must confess that we find them coming up short in a few key segments. First off, typing on them is a pain[Read More…]

by October 6, 2010 Travel Tech