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Hotel Review: Baghvan by Taj Safaris | Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

Ok, it’s a little pricey. But then again, they can charge the price with some justification. Because a lot goes into setting up and running a place like the Baghvan by Taj Safaris in Pench[Read More…]

by September 19, 2014 0 comments Destinations: India, Hotels, Madhya Pradesh

HOTEL REVIEW: Kanha Earth Lodge by Pugdundee Safaris | Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

I fell in love with the Kanha Earth Lodge at the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh within half a day of getting there. It was liking at first sight, but I wanted to get[Read More…]

HOTEL REVIEW: King’s Lodge by Pugdundee Safaris | Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

After a day and a half of driving on Indian roads during the scorching summer month of June, you can want nothing more than a comfortable place to check into. Thankfully, the King’s Lodge in[Read More…]

Travel IDEA: Head to Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, just an hour from the Taj Mahal

Those living in the plains of North India are used to excessive pollution in the region’s two main rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna. But did you know that there is a pristine river called[Read More…]

Travel IDEA!! Head to Bera in Rajasthan – This Leopard Country is Wild and Free!

Wondering where to travel to next? How about Bera in Rajasthan in north-west India? It truly is an intriguing place – a village on the edge of a forest where leopards roam free. And it[Read More…]

by January 27, 2013 2 comments Destinations: India, Rajasthan, Travel Ideas