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Hotel Review: Meghauli Serai by Taj Safaris, Chitwan, Nepal

No matter how many great hotels I have stayed in, there is always another one waiting to surprise and delight at the same time. The Meghauli Serai by Taj Safaris in Chitwan National Park in[Read More…]

Travel to Kaziranga, India’s Best National Park: March 23 – 27, 2016

Kaziranga is often referred to as the Serengeti of India – it deserves better. Without doubt, it is India’s most beautiful national park with the richest diversity of animals, birds and plant life. Club Kunzum[Read More…]

Go Wild in Chitwan in Nepal: February 24 – 28, 2016

Jeep safari, boat safari, foot safari and an elephant safari – all these await you in the Chitwan National Park, home to Rhinos and one of the best collections of animals and birds in the[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 39-40: Back to the wilds in Kaziranga National Park in Assam

After the turmoil of Arunachal’s mountains, it was back to the wilds – this time at the Kaziranga National Park, one of the best wildlife reserves in the country. The experience at Kaziranga turned out[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 22: Crossing into India, and discovering Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal

[Click to see more images on Facebook even if you are not a member] I finally crossed back into India after three weeks in Nepal as a part of the Great Himalayan Drive; I had[Read More…]

by March 16, 2010 The Great Himalayan Drive, West Bengal

Great Himalayan Drive Day 17: When a rhino almost attacked me in Chitwan in Nepal

Valentine’s Day is a day of hugs and kisses from those who love you. Not one to be told there is no love lost between you and a rhinoceros. Out for a jungle walk in[Read More…]

by March 13, 2010 Nepal, The Great Himalayan Drive

Great Himalayan Drive Day 16: A hidden airport, river crossing and World War II Land Rovers to reach Tiger Tops in Chitwan in Nepal

How interesting can journeys get? Very, if you are headed to Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in Chitwan National Park in Nepal. I set out from Kathmandu to Tiger Tops, one of the few places to[Read More…]

by March 13, 2010 Nepal, The Great Himalayan Drive