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Travel Blogging: Sponsored Trips are Business, Not Favours

Travel bloggers get invited to sponsored trips from time to time. Before you get excited with the hope of receiving such invites, remember everyone is out there to do business. You will get invited only[Read More…]

by July 9, 2015 Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging: Have Travel Blog – Will Not (Necessarily) Travel the World for Free

So you want to travel the world. For free. Or even get paid to do so. Who doesn’t want such a dream life? How do you intend doing that? What’s that? Did I hear you[Read More…]

by July 6, 2015 Travel Blogging

Photography for Amateurs / Beginners: 4 Saturdays, July 6-27, Kunzum Travel Cafe, New Delhi

If you have been looking to learn the basics of photography, then the ESSENTIAL PHOTOGRAPHY course spread over ONE MONTH is just the one for you. WHO IS THIS FOR? The course is suited for photographers[Read More…]

by June 27, 2013 Media Lab, News & Events

Event + Street + Night Photography Workshop, Old Delhi, Oct 2, 2011

This workshop is SOLD OUT!!! Would you like to get regular updates on future workshops? Click here to join our mailing list. The Kunzum Media Lab offers you a unique opportunity to learn the art[Read More…]

by September 21, 2011 Media Lab, News & Events

Kunzum Media Lab: Travel Photography Workshops, New Delhi, August 20-21, 2011

Learn to shoot like pros. Discover your creative self. And produce images that only YOU can. The Kunzum Media Lab will show you how. Sign up for our workshops today! There are many ways to learn to be[Read More…]

by July 29, 2011 Media Lab, Stuff, Travel Photography