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Kunzum Travel List #14: Kunzum Route K12 – Don’t die before you do this drive

My job is to recommend great travel ideas but not necessarily insist you experience these. But I will make an exception here: you must visit Ladakh, by road. And ideally, drive yourself. Take four wheels[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #7: Jispa – The oasis across the ridge

This is it. The edge of heaven. As far as oases go, Jispa’s tough to beat. Those driving to Ladakh usually take a night halt here; It’s just the place where the mood kicks in.[Read More…]

Kunzum Route K12: Driving in Ladakh – Updated Guide

Are you planning to visit Ladakh and drive to its various attractions? Here is a guide based on my personal journeys in Ladakh. Enjoy the drive on Kunzum Route K12. The route takes covers the following[Read More…]

Kunzum Route K12: Driving in Ladakh – A Guide

This post has been updated and you may read the new one by clicking here. Are you planning to visit Ladakh and drive to its various attractions? Here is a guide based on my personal[Read More…]

Delhi to Ladakh and back – in a Nano!!

Driving to Ladakh in any kind of a vehicle (especially when the roads still have snow / black ice on them) can be a tricky affair for the most experienced of drivers. But when someone[Read More…]

by July 24, 2010 Himalayas, Kashmir, Ladakh

Hello Ladies…of Arunachal Pradesh!

“I want to marry you,” calls out Anne. “Er, I’m already married,” I reply. “So?,” she asks with a shrug of her slim shoulders. “What’s the problem?” “There is no problem,” I reply with a[Read More…]

What’s a Road Roller doing on a truck?

Stuck in a minor traffic jam on the way from Jispa to Sarchu en-route to Ladakh, I found the sight of a road roller being carried on a pick-up truck very interesting. The truck was[Read More…]

by March 30, 2009 Himalayas, Ladakh

Peace over a joint at Zing Zing Bar en-route to Ladakh

The name itself has a ring to it. Located between Jispa and Sarchu on the way to Ladakh, Zing Zing Bar serves many purposes. It provides a pit-stop to refuel the body with some food[Read More…]

by March 23, 2009 Himalayas, Ladakh

The BaralachLa Pass at 16,500 feet between Jispa and Sarchu

The first very high pass I crossed on the way to Ladakh was the BaralachLa (La actually means Pass). At 16,500 feet I had never been on higher ground – the closest I had been[Read More…]

by March 21, 2009 Himalayas, Ladakh

The Migratory Entrepreneurs of the Himalayas

A true entrepreneur will go anywhere to service his customers. This includes Hozer who runs a food shack at Deepak Tal (Lake), about 23 kilometers (15 miles) from Jispa. Actually he does lots more than[Read More…]

by March 18, 2009 Himalayas, Ladakh