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Kunzum Corporate Himalayan Rally, Sep 22-30: Are you Participating?

Corporate pride is at stake. Are you all revved up for the Kunzum Corporate Himalayan Rally covering Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh from September 22 – 30, 2012? NEWS FLASH: EARLY BIRD OFFER Pay before July 31: Rs.[Read More…]

by July 9, 2012 Club Kunzum, News & Events

Club Kunzum: Hit the Nature Trail in Shoja, Himachal Pradesh, August / Sep 2012

SELF DRIVE & PHOTOGRAPHIC HOLIDAY TO SHOJA, HIMACHAL PRADESH Shoja is a lesser known wonder of Himachal Pradesh near Kullu. Hidden away from the world, it offers landscapes and tranquility rare to find anywhere. Join[Read More…]

by July 2, 2012 Club Kunzum, News & Events

Club Kunzum: Let’s go apple plucking in Thanedar in August

SELF DRIVE & PHOTOGRAPHIC HOLIDAY TO THANEDAR, HIMACHAL PRADESH Let’s go apple plucking and jamming in Thanedar, the home of apples in India. Himachal Pradesh goes red with ripe apples in August – and there is[Read More…]

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Kunzum Travel List #14: Kunzum Route K12 – Don’t die before you do this drive

My job is to recommend great travel ideas but not necessarily insist you experience these. But I will make an exception here: you must visit Ladakh, by road. And ideally, drive yourself. Take four wheels[Read More…]

An Enchantment – Trek through Pabbar Valley, Himachal Pradesh

by Shruti Sharma Sometime in April my friends, who were setting up their new adventure travel outfit, Geck & Co Adventurers, asked me to join them on this trek taking the route used by Gaddi[Read More…]

by November 16, 2011 Destinations: India, Himachal Pradesh

Kunzum Travel List #7: Jispa – The oasis across the ridge

This is it. The edge of heaven. As far as oases go, Jispa’s tough to beat. Those driving to Ladakh usually take a night halt here; It’s just the place where the mood kicks in.[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel Pix #5: Don’t miss the Komic Festival at Komic Monastery, Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Click on the image for a larger view The Kunzum Travel Pix is a series of images from our travels – where we illustrate an attraction with a picture and some teaser text. To know[Read More…]

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Kunzum Travel List #6: Shoja – Go, lose yourself

Can you have the best of all the worlds? Possibly, if you go to Shoja, a lesser known gem of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. If you go mid-summer onwards, a red carpet welcome awaits[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #5: Thanedar: The birthplace of apples in India

The next time you bite into a juicy apple from Himachal Pradesh, thank American Samuel Evan Stokes for it. He came to India on a leprosy mission in 1904, and was advised to recuperate in[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel Mag: Get the October 2011 Edition – FREE!

[issuu width=420 height=280 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111003124818-0bfea3d539d440aeb233b7d6d8ce8058 name=kunzum-travel-mag-oct11 username=kunzum tag=airlines unit=px id=92ae69da-80ae-cb4e-d8e6-189cafe9c17b v=2] The 4th edition of the Kunzum Travel Mag dated October 2011 is here. As before, it takes a refreshing approach to travel writing, it goes[Read More…]

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