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A Night of Fear in Hayuliang, Arunachal Pradesh | #IndiaisCalling

Fear comes in many forms. Eviction from the only room in town at midnight, after a harrowing two day drive dodging falling stones and landslides, can rank amongst the worst kind. In my earlier posts,[Read More…]

Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh: Dodging Falling Rocks and Landslides | #IndiaisCalling

Mountain drives are exhilarating. But they can get a little too adventurous, and tricky, at times. Imagine it is raining and clouds at road level are limiting visibility. And then a falling stone misses your[Read More…]

Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh: Take a U-Turn or Drive Into Chinese Army | #IndiaisCalling

Kibithu is India’s easternmost motorable point, in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. When you get there, your only option is to turn back – if you carry on, you will earn the ire of[Read More…]

Driving Into Nepal – And Beyond to the North-East | #IndiaisCalling

Let me share a secret with you. If you like the idea of travel, the best journeys on the planet are road trips in the Indian subcontinent. I have driven over 100,000 kms in this[Read More…]

Driving to Nepal: Formalities to cross border from India

As a part of the Great Himalayan Drive, I reached Banbassa on the Nepal border – my first international crossing by car. So what if it’s Nepal – Indians never regard Nepal as a ‘foreign’[Read More…]

by July 15, 2010 Nepal, The Great Himalayan Drive

Driving to Nepal: Delhi to Nepal in 7 hours, seriously

Have you fancied driving across to Nepal in your own car? It is not a big deal at all as I discovered when I undertook the Great Himalayan Drive recently. You can actually start very[Read More…]

by July 15, 2010 Nepal, The Great Himalayan Drive

Great Himalayan Drive Day 56: Shopping for vegetables in the Dal Lake in Srinagar – at 5:00 am

Aaarrrrrghh! Its 4:30 am and the alarm is not giving up. If only I had not booked a Shikara for 5:00 am! But get up I had to – after all I am a travel[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 52: A walk in the tulip gardens of Srinagar in Kashmir

[View many more images on Facebook even if you are not a member] Want to see tulips? Here are two possible options: 1. Keukenhof Flower Gardens near Amsterdam in Holland: Over 7 million bulbs planted,[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 51: The hidden temples of Kiramchi near Udhampur in Kashmir

If I ‘discovered’ the ancient temples at Kiramchi, it was only because I was told they exist. Not that anyone – including the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) – knows much about these. For anyone[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 50: It’s Kashmir, the Crown of India

“If there is a heaven on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here,” uttered Mughal Emperor Jahangir when he first set his eyes upon Kashmir in the 17th century A.D. There have[Read More…]