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Kunzum Route K15: Driving in Nepal – A Route Guide

There are few road drives to match the one across Nepal. Whatever you seek as a traveller is on the menu. Wildlife, adventure, mountains, rivers, history, religion, culture and more. You will never have the[Read More…]

The re-discovery of Nepal: Driving across the country

Ever since Nepal made front page news for its political troubles, it has been struck off as a holiday destination by most Indians. But surely Nepal’s charms must still be holding good? Ajay Jain hit[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 11: Missing an opportunity to explore historical Gorkha in Nepal

They say the Indian Army – and to a great extent even the British Army – would cease to be the forces they are if all the Gorkhas in their ranks were to be removed.[Read More…]

by February 23, 2010 Nepal, The Great Himalayan Drive