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Hotel Review: Meghauli Serai by Taj Safaris, Chitwan, Nepal

No matter how many great hotels I have stayed in, there is always another one waiting to surprise and delight at the same time. The Meghauli Serai by Taj Safaris in Chitwan National Park in[Read More…]

Go Wild in Chitwan in Nepal: February 24 – 28, 2016

Jeep safari, boat safari, foot safari and an elephant safari – all these await you in the Chitwan National Park, home to Rhinos and one of the best collections of animals and birds in the[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 18: A wild male tusker elephant comes looking for a female friend in Chitwan in Nepal

[See more photos on Facebook even if you are not a member] Valentine’s Day can be a lonely affair for many. When it is for a wild male elephant on heat during its mating season,[Read More…]

by March 16, 2010 Nepal, The Great Himalayan Drive

TopSlip in the Anaimalais, TN – A Tusker’s Paradise!

A visit to TopSlip offers wildlife buffs a chance to be close to wildlife in it’s natural settings.

Don’t mess around with the jumbos…

An Exciting Encounter With Elephants in Corbett NP