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Driving Into Nepal – And Beyond to the North-East | #IndiaisCalling

Let me share a secret with you. If you like the idea of travel, the best journeys on the planet are road trips in the Indian subcontinent. I have driven over 100,000 kms in this[Read More…]

Postcards from Thailand #6: Celebrating Songkran, the Water Festival on Thai New Year

If it’s Songkran, you must be in Thailand – all prepared to get wet! The festival marks the Thai New Year, and is a time for fun and prayers over extended holidays. Water is used[Read More…]

by April 18, 2012 Destinations: International, Thailand

Ladakh: Buddhist Festivals Calendar for 2011 – 2013

Ladakh is great to visit any time of the year, and more so when any of its Buddhist festivals are taking place. Each of them are worth attending – from the big ones at Hemis[Read More…]

by May 26, 2011 Himalayas, Ladakh

The re-discovery of Nepal: Driving across the country

Ever since Nepal made front page news for its political troubles, it has been struck off as a holiday destination by most Indians. But surely Nepal’s charms must still be holding good? Ajay Jain hit[Read More…]

Great Himalayan Drive Day 6: Visiting the birthplace of the Buddha, Lumbini in Nepal

Lumbini is believed to be the birth place of Buddha in 623 B.C., and a World Heritage Site worth visiting. Lumbini is one of the four important places associated with the life of Buddha, the[Read More…]

by February 23, 2010 Nepal, The Great Himalayan Drive