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Bikaner, Rajastan: e-Book

Think of camel fairs, and chances are you will head to Pushkar in Rajasthan. But hold on to your horses (or camels) for a moment: consider Bikaner, with its smaller yet far more enchanting version.[Read More…]

Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat: e-Book

What do you do when you see miles of unbroken surface of dark silt, all bare and without a sign of life? You will no doubt be tempted to step on the gas in your[Read More…]

Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat: e-Book

Start driving from Bhuj and you will cover a highly fascinating route – giving you glimpses of the history, geographical features, culture and food of Gujarat in India. All in and around the Great Rann[Read More…]

Dholavira and Lothal, Gujarat: e-Book

When you stand at Dholavira or Lothal in Gujarat in India, you realize people existed at least 5,000 years ago. On the very spot where you see the remains of what may have been very[Read More…]

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iPad Air: Weight Matters? A Review | Coffee @Kunzum with Ajay Jain & Nimish Dubey

The iPad Air is the latest kid in Apple’s block where it marries the iPad tablet series features and branding with those of MacBook Air computers. And what do we have? An incredibly light (for[Read More…]

by December 19, 2013 Coffee at Kunzum, Kunzum TV

Nokia Lumia 1020: Photography in 41 MegaPixels | Coffee @Kunzum with Ajay Jain & Nimish Dubey

Nokia is painting the town red with its latest offering – the Nokia Lumia 1020 capable of shooting images in 41 MegaPixels. And with many other features thrown in that they claim will make it[Read More…]

by December 9, 2013 Coffee at Kunzum, Kunzum TV

Google Nexus 5 Smartphone | Coffee @Kunzum with Ajay Jain & Nimish Dubey

What is the ado about Google’s latest smartphone, the Nexus 5? Ajay Jain and Nimish Dubey talk about it over coffee at the Kunzum Travel Cafe in New Delhi, India. Join in. The video has[Read More…]

by December 9, 2013 Coffee at Kunzum, Kunzum TV

Kunzum Magazine: Relaunched with August 15 edition – as a Fortnightly

The Kunzum Magazine is back. In a new avatar. With a fresh design and a spunkier editorial agenda. And we are feeling good about it. [Click here to download the magazine for FREE!!] For those[Read More…]

by August 19, 2013 News & Events, Travel Mag

Kunzum TV – Delhi, India: The Lost Magic of the Bioscope for Cinema Lovers | CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT

Before there was television and the Internet, there was the Bioscope. To bring images of one’s favourite movie stars to the neighbourhood – peppered with music from the Talkies themselves.

Kunzum TV – Patan, Gujarat: The Famed Patola Saree only for Ladies | SHOPPING, FASHION

If you want to gift your lady an authentic Patola saree, then be prepared to wait for years before you get one. For it is made by hand only in Patan in Gujarat, and orders[Read More…]

by August 11, 2013 Destinations: India, Gujarat, Kunzum TV