We want to ensure students receive the best of education and guidance at the Kunzum School of Travel. Our mentors are carefully selected – they all boast a high degree of success in their respective careers, are seen as thought leaders and know what it takes to bring out the best from their students. Click on any of the names to know more:

* Ajay Jain: Traveller, Author, Blogger, Photographer and Founder of Kunzum.
* Sanjay Nigam: Founder and head of NDTV Media Institute; has a strong understanding of the art and science of photography and other media forms.
* Shubhra Krishan: One of the best travel journalists and editors, author of many books and publisher of Travel Secrets magazine.
* Anubhuti Rana: Co-founder and Executive Editor at Kunzum and a Masters in German Literature with a career in international media organizations. A keen traveller herself.
* ArunPaule Verma: Ace photographer and artist, he has held senior art director positions in advertising agencies in India and overseas.