With travel booming, there is an acute shortage of manpower for general management and marketing functions in the industry. What the sector needs are managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The Kunzum School of Travel is striving to plug this gap with its 6-month Certification in Travel Entrepreneurship and Management. And have you ready to work in the industry in six months.

READ ON FOR THE COURSE OUTLINE AND HOW TO SIGN UP. For a full brochure, please write to wetravel@kunzum.com or call +91.9650702777.

The 6-month course is designed for students to take over key leadership positions in the travel industry after graduation. The course will be divided in the following modules:

* Storytelling to cover writing, blogging, photography and videography.
* Marketing to include advertising, PR, direct mail, community building, events etc.
* Entrepreneurship to train in running one’s own venture with real work.
* Management of travel companies through internships.

The teaching methodology will include:
* Classroom lectures
* Practical assignments
* Curating, selling and leading real trips
* Internship with a travel company
* Project / Dissertation
* Interaction with industry leaders
* Attend networking events like trade shows, conferences etc.
* Travel

Overall Duration
The program will be six months but you may opt to extend the same by another 3-6 months to work on a project or to intern with a travel company.

Part Time / Full Time
You can pursue this course either full time or part time. Classes will be held to accommodate your other academic / professional commitments to the best extent possible.

Anyone looking for a career in the travel industry either as an entrepreneur or in a job. Your background, experience, education, age, gender etc. is no bar. You could be starting out, be looking for a mid-career change or be looking for professional opportunities for the first time at a later stage of your life.

As mentors, it is our responsibility to bring out the best in you. You will be in the hands of the finest mentors out there – but they will also push you to learn and deliver outstanding results.

There will be no exams but you will be graded for everything you do including, but not limited to, weekly assignments, reports, trips, stories, internships etc. You will get a rating based on your overall score. Do not expect any leniency or grace marks – but our mentors will be at hand to guide you every step of the way.

* Location: Lectures will be held at Kunzum Travel Café, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi – 110016. Internships and practical work will be in the field.
* Timings: Schedules will be announced from time to time to suit attendees and faculty.
* Duration: Six months including internships and project work.
* Dates: We will start when we have a minimum group of 10. There will be rolling admissions – please check dates of the upcoming batch. We expect the first batch to start between April 1 – 15, 2017.

* Rs. 1,20,000/- + 15% Service Tax (or GST as applicable) for the 6-month course.
* Inclusions: Lectures, course handouts, certificate.
* Exclusions: Computer, cameras, travel (for experience, networking, internships etc.), any other incidentals. Please note that you will not be obliged any significant amounts under these heads and they are entirely your choice.
* Remuneration from Internships: When you go for internships, you may keep the remuneration (if any) offered by companies.

* Jobs: While no institute in the world can guarantee a suitable jobs, we can assure with a high degree of confidence that all those graduating with high merit will find attractive placements in companies of repute.
* Internships: The course will have a strong element of internships – but these are dependent on your skills, merit, willingness to learn and dedication.
* Entrepreneurship: The travel trade is always ready for start-ups offering boutique and niche services; this course will prepare you to be an entrepreneur.

Kunzum Travel Cafe
T-49 (GF) Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi – 110 016, India