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Travel bloggers are a busy lot today. They are being wooed by travel companies, hotels, airlines, tourism boards, cruises and other service providers to write about them. They get sponsored trips, and are even paid by brands for the publicity. Not only can this lead to an independent career or hobby, but more opportunities await – travel media and companies are looking to employ high quality content creators.

Would you like to be one such influential travel blogger yourself? Ajay Jain, one of the world’s leading travel media influencers, will show you how in a travel blogging course over three months.

READ ON FOR THE COURSE OUTLINE AND HOW TO SIGN UP. For a full brochure, please write to or call +91.9650702777.

Anyone can be a travel writer. You can do this full time, or part time while you pursue a parallel career. You can do it for the money, or just for the joy of being able to travel. And you can start at any age – from your teens right up to your post retirement years. Your education and experience are no barriers either. As long as you have a flair to express yourself, and are willing to back it with research and hard work, you can make a go of it.

No, there are many bloggers globally who pursue their passion part time. They could be holding a day job, be studying somewhere and have other occupations. In fact, it usually works best to start blogging part time till you build good readership and revenues.

Travel content needs good photographs – and even videos. We strongly recommend you sign up for Kunzum’s travel photography and filmmaking courses if you find yourself lacking in these skills. Special rates are available when you sign up for blogging as well as photography / filmmaking courses.

* Location: Lectures will be held at Kunzum Travel Café, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi – 110016. Internships and practical work will be in the field.
* Timings:Schedules will be announced from time to time to suit attendees and faculty.
* Duration:Three months including internships and project work.
* Dates:We will start when we have a minimum group of 10. There will be rolling admissions – please check dates of the upcoming batch. We expect the first batch to start April 15, 2017.

* Rs. 50,000/- + 15% Service Tax (or GST as applicable) for the 3-month course.
* Inclusions: Lectures, course handouts, certificate.
* Exclusions: Computer, cameras, travel (for experience, networking, internships etc.), any other incidentals. Please note that you will not be obliged any significant amounts under these heads and they are entirely your choice.
* Remuneration from Internships: When you go for internships, you may keep the remuneration (if any) offered by companies.

* Jobs: While no institute in the world can guarantee a suitable jobs, we can assure with a high degree of confidence that all those graduating with high merit will find attractive placements in companies of repute.
* Internships: The course will have a strong element of internships – but these are dependent on your skills, merit, willingness to learn and dedication.
* Entrepreneurship:Bloggers working independently are no less than entrepreneurs – and this usually an environment they usually flourish in. The course will prepare you for this.

Kunzum Travel Cafe
T-49 (GF) Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi – 110 016, India



MODULE 1: The craft of writing
* Rules for content
* What is good writing
* How to adopt different styles and formats for effective storytelling. (This module cannot teach you how to improve your basic written language skills – we will talk about the structure of various kinds of articles.)

 MODULE 2: Technical aspects of blogging
* How to book your domain (like
* Choice of platform: WordPress recommended
* Create a self hosting account
* Setting up the blog
* Choosing a suitable template
* Tweaking template
* Widgets
* Plug-ins
* Subscriber forms

MODULE 3: The basics
* The perks of being a travel blogger
* Opportunities and challenges for travel bloggers
* The definition of a blogger
* Definition of a blog / platforms to be used
* Skills / traits needed to be a good blogger
* Formulating a plan – Answer the Ws
* The Mindful Traveller
* Blogger kit
* Planning your travels
* Research and content creation
* Formats for content
* Frequency of posts
* Challenges
* Value of collaborations / outsourcing
* Ethics and best practices

 MODULE 4: Marketing and monetizing your blog
* Have your own voice
* Branding
* Design
* Content is King
* Social media promotions
* Free and paid advertising
* Public Relations
* Engagement with readers
* Building linkages with travel industry, tourism boards, brands and sponsors
* Value proposition for sponsors
* Sources of direct and indirect income
* Multi-purposing your content for newspapers, magazines and books (printed and electronic).
* Build a publishing empire

* Classroom lectures
* Practical assignments
* Project / Dissertation
* Interaction with industry leaders
* Attend networking events like trade shows, conferences etc.
* Travel

As mentors, it is our responsibility to bring out the best in you. You will be in the hands of the finest mentors out there – but they will also push you to learn and deliver outstanding results.

There will be no exams but you will be graded for everything you do including, but not limited to, weekly assignments, reports, trips, stories, internships etc. You will get a rating based on your overall score. Do not expect any leniency or grace marks – but our mentors will be at hand to guide you every step of the way.

The courses are curated and conducted under the mentorship of the following – with more industry leaders expected to guide students.

* Ajay Jain: India’s best known travel writer and photographer. He has authored over 50 books (electronic and print) and is the founder of brand Kunzum.
* Shubhra Krishnan is the editor of Travel Secrets magazine, and the author of five successful books about good living and fine cuisine published in the USA and in India. In a career spanning 18 exciting years, Ms. Krishan has worked with and written for leading lifestyle publications including Cosmopolitan, Femina, Conde Nast Traveller (UK and India), The Sunday Standard, Asian Age and many more. A lynx-eyed editor with a personalised approach to feature-writing, Shubhra has mentored several youngsters, helping them turn their writerly dreams into published work.
* Sanjay Nigam: Director of the NDTV Media Institute,  Dr. Nigam’s media experience spans 20 years. He has worked in DD, TVI, AajTak and NDTV in different capacities – launching channels, developing and producing programmes and mentoring people.
* Anubhuti Rana: Executive Editor at Kunzum, Ms. Rana holds a Masters in German Literature and has worked for international media organizations. She has spent over a decade in the travel domain.