We travel. Would you also like to lead a life of travel? Then the Kunzum School of Travel may be for you.

With travel booming, there is an acute shortage of manpower in the industry. Companies urgently need managers, marketeers, bloggers, photographers and filmmakers. At the same time, there are opportunities for thousands of entrepreneurs to bloom.

The Kunzum School of Travel is striving to plug these gaps with courses and workshops those looking for a career in travel. These cover:

* Entrepreneurship
* Management
* Marketing
* Blogging and Writing
* Photography
* Filmmaking / Videography

Browse this site to select a course suited for you. We can also put together custom programs for groups and companies.

Who are these for?
Most of our modules are suited for those from any background – education, career, age and gender are usually no bar. You could be starting out, or looking for a change in career options or to upgrade your knowledge. And of course, you could be in it to pursue a hobby or a parallel career.

Contact us at wetravel@kunzum.com or +91.9650702777 for more.