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Packing light and smart for travel: Why & How

Just because you travel business class does not mean you have to use the generous baggage allowance it comes with. More so since airports are the great levellers; all but a few treat passengers and[Read More…]

by February 26, 2008 Travel Tips

Lakshmi, the leopard cub, in good hands

I had written about a rescued female leopard cub, Lakshmi, in the forests of Ranthambhore in Rajasthan in India here as well as posted a YouTube video here. But apparently I was slightly misinformed, giving[Read More…]

by February 25, 2008 Rajasthan, Wildlife & Nature

Hotel: Banjara Retreat at Sojha, Kulu Valley

When you have organizations like Banjara Camps and Retreats to give you a choice of options to stay at, you can forget everything else and just think of the comforts and fun awaiting you. Click[Read More…]

by February 21, 2008 Destinations: India, Himachal Pradesh, Hotels

Leopard cub in Ranthambhore: A Video

To read the full blog post associated with this video, click here.

by February 21, 2008 Videos

Lakshmi, the rescued leopard cub in Ranthambhore

This is the story, so far, of a female leopard cub rescued by the forest department in Ranthambhore in Rajasthan in India. For starters, why did the cub, now called Lakshmi, need to be rescued[Read More…]

by February 20, 2008 Rajasthan, Wildlife & Nature

Qutab Minar, Islam’s first outpost in the region

Islam established its first formal foothold in India when a mosque was constructed in what is known as the the Qutab Minar complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the Mehrauli area of New[Read More…]

by February 20, 2008 Delhi

Ten tips to beat that jet lag

Tired of the jet lag? Here’s a quick read on how you can fight it off without making major lifestyle changes.

by February 20, 2008 Travel Tips

Tabo, the village of cavemen and Lamas

Once upon a time, there was a small Himalayan village located 3,050 metres above sea level. In the Lahaul-Spiti valley, mostly a cold desert region. Populated by only a few ‘souls’, their homes being caves[Read More…]

by February 19, 2008 Himachal Pradesh, Himalayas