Delhi 101

Delhi 101 - Cover101 Surprising Ways to Discover Delhi

Delhi 101 is an incomplete illustrated must-do guide to Delhi. The city is too rich in its offerings for even the weightiest tome to cover it all.

Delhi’s history has shaped its architecture, culture, art, literature, food, landscape, commerce, politics and people. The city is a work of art in progress, a thousand years in the making.

This book is a travelogue around Delhi, peppered with anecdotes and opinions. And imagery. Seeing is being tempted! A touch of the whacky, humorous, eccentric, silly and daring has been thrown in for good measure.

In a single day, you can explore the monuments of Mehrauli, gorge on street food, get your ears cleaned, feed pigeons, fly a kite, buy jewelry, and find an astrologer to predict your future. Your choice of transport includes the Metro, Morris taxis, cycle rickshaws, buses, auto rickshaws, horse carts, elephants and camels.

Welcome to Delhi… Or is it Dihli, Daidala, Dilli or Dhila? The answer lies within.

Delhi 101 is now available and priced at Rs. 395 in India. International prices: US $19.95, UK ₤11.95, EU €14.95. Click here to order.

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