The membership to Club Kunzum is broadly governed by the following terms and conditions:

* Club Kunzum is a program where members enjoy a broad range of privileges. These will be offered either directly by Kunzum or by any of its partners. Some of these will be free, while some will be on a chargeable basis.
Payment of fee does not guarantee membership. All applications will be reviewed before approval. Fee would be refunded in full to those who are not admitted.
* Partner Travel Companies: These include hotels, travel agencies, retail outlets, consultants, guides, tour operators etc. Club Kunzum has entered into agreements with many of these and they offer privileges to Club Kunzum members buying their products and services. This list is a dynamic one and constantly evolving. To the best of our effort, we will tie up with quality organizations and individuals only. This list is also subject to change without notice and members are advised to check the same online at the time on intended purchase.
* Privileges: Club Kunzum members enjoy a host of privileges for services offered by Club Kunzum and its Partners. The same is updated continually online. However, there may be instances when Partners do not honour promised privileges due to a gap in communication within their organization, or due to any other reason. Club Kunzum will try to correct the situation on a best-effort basis but may not be held responsible or liable for any losses or damages incurred.
* Limited Seats / Entry: Many events and trips may have only a limited carrying capacity. These will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis to members.
* Validity: The validity of any membership is usually one year, subject to renewal. Life membership is valid for a period of seven years.
* Cancellation and Refunds: Memberships may be cancelled but no refund will be given for the unused period of the membership.
* Deficiency in Service: If a member finds good reason to find a deficiency in service by Club Kunzum or any of its partners, corrective measures will be taken on a best effort basis to the satisfaction of the member. However, Club Kunzum may not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred due to deficiency in service by any of its Partner hotels and travel companies where the member is making a direct booking with the Partner. Members are advised to carry out their own due diligence before transacting with a Club Kunzum Partner.

You may contact us at wetravel@kunzum.com or +91.9650702777 during office hours for any queries / complaints.

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