Club Kunzum is India’s most exciting community of like-minded travellers. Memberships are open by referral of existing members or by invitation only. This is to ensure the experience for members always stays pure.

Kunzum is also about Mindful Travel. It is about changing the way you look at life – personally and professionally.

Limited memberships are now open; only 100 are being accepted for now. If you qualify, please read and click on the payment link to sign up.

* Regular: Rs. 2,000
* Students under 23: Rs. 1,000
* Add-On Members: Rs. 500 (You may nominate any family and friends for it)

* Exclusive access to the Kunzum Travel Cafe; non-members will not be permitted in the cafe.
* A credit of Rs. 2,000 which can be used when booking trips, events, workshops etc. (Students get Rs. 1,000 credit). In other words, your membership fee is like a cover charge only.
* Opportunities to meet other interesting members from all walks of life. You share travel stories and plan trips together.
* Member-only trips, events, workshops etc.
* Special offers and gifts when booking hotels, trips, events, workshops and other activities that are open to non-members too.
* Member-only mixers where you make friends with like-minded people.
* A FREE travel book by Ajay Jain.
* Unlimited FREE access to travel e-books published by Kunzum.
* A FREE Photography Workshop at the Kunzum Travel Cafe.
* Your personalized embossed membership card.
* Add-On members do not get any cash credit or free book.

*** Please note that all memberships are subject to approval by the Club Kunzum board. ***

* Online: (Link expires on March 31, 2015)
* Cheque favouring ‘TCP Media Pvt. Ltd.’
* Cash

You may send cheques and cash to the address below.

Pooja Kapoor
+91.9650 702 777

Kunzum Travel Cafe
T-49 (GF) Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi 110016, India
Timings: 11:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., Mondays Closed

About Kunzum: Set up in 2007, Kunzum has emerged as the foremost travel media company and community of travellers in India – attracting travellers from all over the world. Click here to read more about Kunzum.

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