We travel. Responsibly. What do you do?


We all love to travel. It is time we did so more responsibly. To preserve the man-made and natural heritage of the planet. For our sake, and for the sake of future generations.

Club Kunzum is a global community who are committed to this cause. By taking the Responsible Traveller Pledge.

Take the Responsible Traveller Pledge. And join Club Kunzum.

It does not cost anything. But it saves a big price we may have to pay if we don’t change the way we live and travel. Click here to take the pledge.


  • You know your actions will benefit the planet – and the human race. It may seem an act of charity, but it’s about self-preservation too.
  • You will belong to and interact with a community of those committed to responsible travel. Exchange ideas, organise meet-ups and even travel together.
  • Deals and privileges from responsible travel companies.
  • Access to a library of e-books by Ajay Jain – all for FREE!! Print books available at a discounted rate.
  • Option to get an embossed Club Kunzum card and merchandise (for a nominal fee).
  • Entitled to buy the Kunzum Red Passport.
  • Share your stories on kunzum.com and its social media channels and e-zines.

Sign-Up for a Club Kunzum membership if you are ready!!