The Photo That Taught Me a Life Lesson

A lecture by a Swami seemed anything but enticing. I was in my late twenties, and swamijis and their involvement with meditation and isolation were not among the interests on my radar. I decided to sit it out.

Wellness: 7 Reasons to Focus on it Right Away

Never before has the human race as a whole given a thought to personal health as during the pandemic. While we are all scrambling to keep ourselves from being infected, we should pay all our attention to wellness.

Truly Madly Deeply Keen on Getting a TWS? Keep This in Mind!

The temptation to buy truly wireless earphones (TWS) has grown stronger in the past one year with people working from home more than ever before and attending online meetings and events. But while the zero-wire-audio zone may seem all glamorous and inviting from the outside, it is not perfect.