When Giraffes Fight – In Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda | WILDLIFE

Giraffes may seem gentle giants but they can be aggressive too at times – just like any other species on the planet. As I spotted in the Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda. During one[Read More…]

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Sunny Side Up in SouthWest Germany

If you are looking for some sun in Germany, head to the state of Baden-Württemberg, popularly known as SouthWest Germany. I did – and experienced much more than just warmth and glow in the region.[Read More…]

Uganda: Planning a Trip to National Parks | #WhereisAJ

Sub-Saharan Africa is teeming with wildlife across many countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia to name a few. But Uganda is where you may want to be in despite it[Read More…]

Hotel Review: Lodges by Marasa, Uganda | Hotels

When you are out travelling, the place you stay can have a big impact on your overall experience. Especially when you are out in the wild in Uganda. During my recent visit to the country,[Read More…]

Uganda: 11 Tips for Travellers | #WhereisAJ

Do you like the thought of visiting Africa? And Uganda in specific? I have noticed some people looking a bit unsure at the prospect of going to Uganda – after all, we don’t come across[Read More…]

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Vivid Sydney: How Do You Make a City of Light? | #WhereisAJ

Let there be light. This phrase takes a new meaning when you go down under to Sydney during late May / early June. The city literally comes alive with a kaleidoscopic look after sunset. Art[Read More…]

On the road with Chetan Bhagat in Honda Amaze

Discover amazing India in the amazing Amaze is an opportunity to get a fully sponsored road trip to a destination of your choice with a person you choose. A dream getaway, a trip promised to[Read More…]

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Nepal: A spectacular cable car ride to Manakamana (A Video)

Magic Ropeway to Manakamana from Kunzum on Vimeo. You can watch this video on YouTube as well. Impoverished Nepal sure knows how to throw a few surprises. One such is Nepal’s only cable car to[Read More…]

Nepal: The town where Pied Piper took the children (A Video)

The Children Of Bandipur from Kunzum on Vimeo. You can also watch this video on YouTube Did the Pied Piper leave the children in Bandipur (read more here) in Nepal?  The ones here seem such[Read More…]

Nepal: The beautiful music at Bhairavsthan in Tansen (Videos)

Bhairavasthan is a beautiful temple near Tansen in Nepal, claiming to have the world’s biggest Trident (Trishul) used by Hindu God Shiva. Click here to read about it. And enjoy the videos here for the[Read More…]