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Mobile Photography: Six Apps That Add Fizz To Your Photos

One of the joys of taking pictures using your phone is that there are stacks of apps that can transform the images you take. And these six do it best of all, whether you are[Read More…]

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Kunzum Media Lab: Travel Photography Workshops, New Delhi, August 20-21, 2011

Learn to shoot like pros. Discover your creative self. And produce images that only YOU can. The Kunzum Media Lab will show you how. Sign up for our workshops today! There are many ways to learn to be[Read More…]

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Camera Phones or Cameras: The Travel Angle!

By Nimish Dubey With the recently launched Nokia N8 claiming to be as good as a digital camera, yet another chapter has been added to the feud between camera phones and digital cameras. Speaking from[Read More…]

by October 13, 2010 Travel Photography, Travel Tech

Five reasons why you should geotag your pictures

It is the latest bit of jargon to have hit photography – geotagging, or the ability to add details about where a picture was taken, using GPS. While the jury is still out on whether[Read More…]

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Canon Photography Editing and Post Processing Workshop with Nature Wanderers & Kunzum, July 17

GO WILD WITH CANON & NATURE WANDERERS Editing and Post Processing Workshop July 17, 2010, Canon Image Lounge, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon Nature and wildlife photography is all about patience and post processing plays an important[Read More…]

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Photography workshop in Corbett a huge success, more on the way

The season’s first photography workshop in Corbett titled the ‘Corbett Expedition – Jan 2010’ organized by Nature Wanderers in association with Kunzum was attended by 19 participants from Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bangalore. The workshop[Read More…]

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka – A Bird Lover’s Paradise!

The Birds of Ranganathittu are shown in this Photo Journey. This is my first visit to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary was a thoroughly enjoyable one and provided a great opportunity to photograph awesome birds.

Travel Photography: Shooting Wildlife – The Basics!!!

Wildlife photography needs heart, head and loads and loads of patience and perseverance. Amongst the most important aspects of being a good wildlife photographer is becoming familiar with the technical aspects of photography like the[Read More…]