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Certification in Travel Photography: 3 Months Course

We all travel, and love to take pictures. In other words, we are all photographers. But not all of us are good at it. Why not improve the quality of your photography and make for[Read More…]

Certification in Travel Entrepreneurship and Management | Kunzum School of Travel

With travel booming, there is an acute shortage of manpower for general management and marketing functions in the industry. What the sector needs are managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The Kunzum School of Travel is striving[Read More…]

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Coolpad Max: Storage, Storage and More Storage

Even when we are not in connected zones, our mobile stays firmly in our grip when we are travelling. Why? We need it for shooting images. And to listen to music, or to play games,[Read More…]

Coolpad Max: Dividing Device Into Private and Public Spaces

People have started sitting in funny poses. Why? Because of our mobile devices. All kinds of stuff is popping up on our handsets, and we do not want those around us to see some of[Read More…]

Coolpad Max: Shoot, and Then Shoot Some More Travel Pics

No matter what camera manufacturers say, most of us now rely on our mobiles as our primary device for capturing images. Including those shot on holidays. Brands offering good built-in cameras are the ones winning[Read More…]

CoolPad Max: Charge in a Jiffy on the Go

How often are you on the road only to see red on your battery icon of the mobile? Even as you go, “No, no…. please don’t die on me yet” you frantically start looking for[Read More…]

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LG G4: A Great Shooter, Good to Hold

If I am going to use a phone as a camera, the form factor becomes important to me. I should be able to handle it well to avoid mistakes. The LG G4 makes a good[Read More…]

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Photography Simplified in 7 Settings | Photography Tips

I have a phrase to describe geeks: jargon-mongers. They revel in feeling a (often misplaced) sense of elevation by sounding Mr. (or Ms.) Know-Alls, even as they try to instil an inferiority complex in others.[Read More…]

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Pick Your Camera | Photography Tips

If you want to be a good photographer, the camera should be the last thing on your mind. Ponder over the following points if you really want to enjoy shooting – as an amateur or[Read More…]

Photography is About Passion. Technology is Incidental. | Photography Tips

I was sitting with a good friend and a senior photographer, Mr. Ashok Kochhar – we occasionally collaborate on conducting photography workshops. When I enquired how his sessions were doing, his response did not surprise[Read More…]