Travel List: Great Holidays

Kunzum Travel List #25: Mount Abu – A quiet oasis in a desert state

Mount Abu in Rajasthan may not qualify as a cool hill station for those used to the imposing Himalayas or the diverse Western Ghats, but it merits a place in the honours list nonetheless. Mount[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #24: Ranthambhore – Looking the tiger in the eye

Would you ride in an open Gypsy in temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius? With the sun threatening to burn everything in sight, and the desert sand piercing your skin like countless needles? You would, if[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #23: Bera, Rajasthan – Welcome to leopard country, it is wild and free

Believe it or not: There is a village in Rajasthan called Bera, surrounded by forests where leopards roam free. Along it flows the river Jawai, with the Jawai Dam built on it. And the resulting[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #22: Jodhpur – Food, bazaars, history, it all happens here

You go to Jodhpur to savour the famed mirchi vada. It does not get better than this. And, in between mouthfuls, treat yourself to all else that is wonderful in this city. [The Kunzum Travel[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #21: Jaisalmer – The city in the fort, and beyond

This is a city that has always lived in a fort – and continues to do so even today. The fort may be the main attraction, but Jaisalmer has much more to offer on its[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #20: Bikaner – An enchanting camel fair and lots more

Think of camel fairs, and chances are you will head to Pushkar in Rajasthan. But hold on to your horses (or camels) for a moment – consider Bikaner, with its smaller yet far more enchanting[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #19: The Matheran Light Railway – Go for a joyride

Once you get hooked to the idea of journeys on India’s mountain railways, you want to do them all.  Passengers are packed tight in the coaches, giving you a feeling of being in oversized toy[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #18: The Nilgiri Mountain Railway: A toy train you must ride

Wheeeee! I am on a toy train ride. Starting from Ooty or Ootacamund, now officially renamed Udagamandalam, going downhill all the way to Mettuppalayam in Tamil Nadu. And it figures in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #17: Srinagar – A city fit for royals

There is something royal about Srinagar. You can feel it in the air. And why not? If the Mughal emperors could make the long arduous journey centuries back to Srinagar for their pleasures, they must[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #16: Pahalgam – Leaving you breathless

If you have ever been to Pahalgam, the vivid imagery of driving the winding roads along the Lidder river with towering peaks in the background will always stay with you. And when these are accentuated[Read More…]