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A Day in Heidelberg: SouthWest Germany

If you want to feel young, head to a university town of Heidelberg in SouthWest Germany, the common name for the state of Baden-Württemberg. Even if you were one of the backbenchers in class, you[Read More…]

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Ola Select: Be a Privileged Customer from Day One

Many moons ago, airlines invented what we know as miles programs. What were these? Every time you flew on a carrier, or within a grouping like Star Alliance, they would give you points. The more[Read More…]

Honor 5c: When the Battery Makes Travel a Pleasure

When Murphy wrote his laws, he must have had travellers at the top of his mind. Even if mobile telephony did not exist in his time, he was bang on about things going wrong for[Read More…]

Travel Dharamsala, Kangra & Mcleodganj: May 27-30, 2016

The Dalai Lama did not choose Dharamsala as his home without reason. The region uplifts the body and the soul, no matter how often you visit. More so when your hosts are the royal family[Read More…]

Travel List 2016: Five Global Destinations for the New Year

If you are already dreaming of a travel-filled 2016, then you don’t need to make any other resolutions. If you are short of ideas, here is my recommended list. If you like it, all that[Read More…]

7 Places in India to Write Your Next Book

Every author works best in a setting of his or her choosing. Stephen King may prefer a windowless basement where he can transport himself to his own make-believe world – but many an author would[Read More…]

Travel IDEA: Head to Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, just an hour from the Taj Mahal

Those living in the plains of North India are used to excessive pollution in the region’s two main rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna. But did you know that there is a pristine river called[Read More…]

Travel IDEA!! Head to Bera in Rajasthan – This Leopard Country is Wild and Free!

Wondering where to travel to next? How about Bera in Rajasthan in north-west India? It truly is an intriguing place – a village on the edge of a forest where leopards roam free. And it[Read More…]

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