Kunzum Travel List #2: Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh: The Land of the Highest Villages

If you want to explore the high altitude cold desert region of Spiti valley, Kaza will be your base for much of it. At about 3800 metres (12,500 feet) Kaza is surrounded by a treasure[Read More…]

Eurotrippin: Video, tips, and backpack directory!

By Shruti Sharma So, Ajay Jain’s made this huge mistake of allowing me to write about me ‘Eurotrippin’ recently. It’s a huge mistake because I’ve basically been given an opportunity to unabashedly rant on a[Read More…]

Kunzum Route K12: Driving in Ladakh – A Guide

This post has been updated and you may read the new one by clicking here. Are you planning to visit Ladakh and drive to its various attractions? Here is a guide based on my personal[Read More…]

Kunzum Route K15: Driving in Nepal – A Route Guide

There are few road drives to match the one across Nepal. Whatever you seek as a traveller is on the menu. Wildlife, adventure, mountains, rivers, history, religion, culture and more. You will never have the[Read More…]

10 excuses why you cannot travel enough – and my KO punches for each

If I had a sundae for every time someone moaned, “I wish I could travel like you. But how do I travel?” I would bloat up enough to be denied a seat in any form[Read More…]

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Sandisk Extreme Pro Memory Cards for your camera: Time to upgrade

If you are using a DSLR camera which uses Compact Flash (CF) cards to store pictures, it is time for you to consider upgrading to Sandisk’s latest offering: The Extreme Pro. Why? Here are some[Read More…]

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Travel Photography: Shooting Wildlife – The Basics!!!

Wildlife photography needs heart, head and loads and loads of patience and perseverance. Amongst the most important aspects of being a good wildlife photographer is becoming familiar with the technical aspects of photography like the[Read More…]