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Self Publish & Market Your Book: Workshop on July 25, New Delhi

Are you looking to write and publish a book? Do it yourself – the benefits are immense. This workshop will show you how. A Signature Workshop by Ajay Jain: July 25, 2015 – Kunzum Travel Café,[Read More…]

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Travel Photography Workshop – The Basics: July 11, 2015

Travel the World for Free: Good photographers get to travel the world, and even get paid for it. Kunzum will show you how.  Travel Photography Workshop – The Basics: Saturday July 11, 2015 – Kunzum Travel[Read More…]

by June 3, 2015 Kunzum Travel Cafe, Media Lab

Personal Branding for Super Success: Workshop on August 1, 2015

Are You a Super Brand? Your Personal Brand matters – if you want to ride the exponential curve to success! And it is never too late or too early to start building your brand. A[Read More…]

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Content is Emperor for Travel Marketing: Workshop on July 3, 2015

Content is Emperor for Travel Marketing: All those who said content is dead don’t understand how travel marketing works. If you are selling travel, it starts and ends with content. A Signature Workshop on Content Marketing[Read More…]

by June 3, 2015 Kunzum Travel Cafe, Media Lab

Kunzum Travel Cafe

PHEW! Finally a place for travellers to meet. In the real world – not on social media. To simply bum around. Exchange travel stories. Make travel plans. Read up travel books in the library. Post[Read More…]

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Upcoming Events including Film Screenings, Photo Workshops, Book Readings, Musical Evenings and Heritage Walks – Updated Dec 6, 2013

It’s a busy time at Kunzum with a bunch of events coming up for you . Click on any of the links to get more information. They are all in New Delhi unless otherwise mentioned.[Read More…]

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Travel Deals and Ideas, Photo Workshops, Tech Travel, Personal Branding and More

As the weather gets better, we get into to mood to do exciting stuff. And in the spirit of things, Kunzum is offering you a bag of goodies. TRAVEL DEALS & IDEAS: Are you looking[Read More…]

Photography Workshop for Beginners: Saturday November 23, 2013, New Delhi

We all love to take photographs. Wouldn’t you like these photos to come out looking like works of art? The Kunzum Media Lab offers you a unique BASICS PHOTOGRAPHY workshop in New Delhi. We will[Read More…]

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Live Music: Indian Classical and Folk Fusion Music by ‘Manzil Mystics’ on Jan 6, 2013 at Kunzum Travel Cafe, New Delhi

Coffee on a winter evening and can’t be better if it is accompanied by fabulous Music! Join us for a wondrous musical evening on Jan 6, 2013 with ‘Manzil Mystics’ a group of 13 youngsters[Read More…]

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Music Film Club Presents ‘A Decent Samosa, Ya!’ on Dec 23, Kunzum Travel Cafe, New Delhi

The 15th screening in an ongoing Music Film Club at Kunzum Travel Cafe in association with m.a.f.i.a. (Musicians Artists Filmmakers Interesting log…. Aajaao). Film: A Decent Samosa, Ya! Director: Radhika Bordia, Natasha Badhwar Editor: Aparna[Read More…]