Eurotrippin: Make Way for Barca – A Photo and Video Journey!

by Shruti Sharma Barcelona is one city that everyone loves–perfect for a bachelor or a bacherlorette party, thanks to the crazy night scene here. Madrid isn’t too bad either but Barca would do it for[Read More…]

by September 29, 2010 Destinations: International, Europe

Eurotrippin: Lost in ‘Art in the Streets’

So, let me tell you about my first couple of days in Madrid, simply because they were beautiful… My connecting flight was from London. Flying over London was gorgeous! Or maybe it was just the[Read More…]

by September 21, 2010 Destinations: International, Europe

Eurotrippin: Video, tips, and backpack directory!

By Shruti Sharma So, Ajay Jain’s made this huge mistake of allowing me to write about me ‘Eurotrippin’ recently. It’s a huge mistake because I’ve basically been given an opportunity to unabashedly rant on a[Read More…]

The Belly Dancer of Istanbul: Would you like to date her?

Right folks, before you get excited seeing the headline, I don’t think the belly dancer here is looking to date any of her audience. But if you are in Istanbul, you must go to the[Read More…]

by August 11, 2010 Destinations: International, Images, Turkey, Videos