7 Places in India to Write Your Next Book

Every author works best in a setting of his or her choosing. Stephen King may prefer a windowless basement where he can transport himself to his own make-believe world – but many an author would[Read More…]

Down South with Nagesh Kukunoor: Ford India – National Geographic Episode Round-Up

Down South with Nagesh Kukunoor: Ford India – National Geographic Episode Round-Up from kunzum I personally love exploring places for writing about them – but prefer doing so without too many preconceived ideas and notions.[Read More…]

Ford India – National Geographic My Endeavour: Down South with Nagesh Kukunoor

Ford India – National Geographic: My Endeavour with Nagesh Kukunoor from kunzum When you follow a filmmaker in search of a story, you know things might get interesting. More so when this character is creating[Read More…]

by June 7, 2013 Destinations: India, Karnataka, Kerala

Hotel Review: Rain Country Resorts, Wayanad, Kerala – Lose yourself in tropical beauty

The Rain Country Resort sure lives up to its name: as you go off the highway at Lakkidi on the Wayanad – Calicut highway, and drive through tea estates and woods, you know you really[Read More…]

Hotel Review: Banasura Island Retreat, Wayanad Kerala – What a perfect setting for a resort

I checked into Banasura Island Retreat in Wayanad in Kerala in the afternoon, least prepared for what awaited. Having driven most day under a blazing sun, I settled into my cottage only to have a[Read More…]

Missing a Tigress with 4 cubs by a whisker in Bandipur, Karnataka: The Great Arabian Sea Drive Day 29

This will go down as a very disappointing day in my travelogue: I missed spotting a tigress with four cubs by just a couple of minutes. In Bandipur National Park, Karnataka. I was staying in[Read More…]

A Temple Festival, Circus and Fair in Wayanad, Kerala: The Great Arabian Sea Drive Day 28

It’s festival time: at the Valliyoorkavu temple on the outskirts of Mananthavady in Wayanad in Kerala. And I have Suresh Babu, a former BSF employee, to thank for alerting me to it. I happened to[Read More…]

Kuruva Island in Wayanad, Kerala: The Great Arabian Sea Drive Day 28

The evergreen forested Kuruva island (Called Kuruvadweep locally)  lying in one of the tributaries of Kabini river in Wayanad seems a popular picnic spot. Rightfully so. I am not a fan of popular picnic spots[Read More…]

Banasura Reservoir, Wayanad, Kerala – A sight to behold: The Great Arabian Sea Drive Day 27

The Banasura Sagar dam in Wayanad is the largest earth dam in India. Without getting into technicalities or its environmental impact (if any), I would say it has resulted in creating some stunning features. The[Read More…]

In Wayanad, Kerala – God’s Own Country: The Great Arabian Sea Drive Days 27-29

I finally leave Karnataka – and drive into Kerala. I am not in Wayanad area for too long to understand why Kerala is referred to as ‘God’s Own Country.’ The disappointment first: almost across the[Read More…]