Kunzum Travel List #17: Srinagar – A city fit for royals

There is something royal about Srinagar. You can feel it in the air. And why not? If the Mughal emperors could make the long arduous journey centuries back to Srinagar for their pleasures, they must[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #16: Pahalgam – Leaving you breathless

If you have ever been to Pahalgam, the vivid imagery of driving the winding roads along the Lidder river with towering peaks in the background will always stay with you. And when these are accentuated[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #15: Kunzum Route K11 – Jammu & Kashmir

A drive is Kashmir is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Get going on Kunzum Route K11 for what will certainly be a drive you will remember all your life. [The[Read More…]

Kunzum Route K11: Jammu & Kashmir

If there is one thing to be envied in earlier generations, it is their good fortune to have seen Kashmir at its bountiful best. Over the last quarter of a century, terrorism and global warming[Read More…]

Kashmir: No spotlights for the Martanda Sun Temple in Matan

The Martanda (Sun) Temple near Matan is another of the many hidden wonders of Kashmir. The first thought to cross my mind when I saw it: why is this not more famous? The Sun Temple[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel Pix #16: Blind woman rowing, Srinagar, Kashmir

Click on the image for a larger view   The Kunzum Travel Pix is a series of images from our travels – where we illustrate an attraction with a picture and some teaser text. To[Read More…]

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Kunzum Travel List #14: Kunzum Route K12 – Don’t die before you do this drive

My job is to recommend great travel ideas but not necessarily insist you experience these. But I will make an exception here: you must visit Ladakh, by road. And ideally, drive yourself. Take four wheels[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #13: Nubra – Over the highest motorable road

Get ready to drive over the world’s highest motorable road at the Khardung La (pass) – it is 5,602 m (18,380 feet) above sea level. That sure is some altitude. [The Kunzum Travel List is[Read More…]

by November 28, 2011 Destinations: India, Kashmir, Ladakh

Kunzum Travel List #12: Zanskar – Remote but not regressive

The road from Kargil to Zanskar is one of the most trying you will drive on. It is either pot-holed, or just a rocky track. When I heard of the soreness inducing drive, I almost[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #09: Ladakh – The Buddhist Circuit

You have to hand it over to the Buddhists. For centuries they have gone about practicing and preserving their religion, not diluting its essence over generations, and continuing to command the respect and veneration of[Read More…]