Himachal Pradesh

Travel Dharamsala, Kangra & Mcleodganj: May 27-30, 2016

The Dalai Lama did not choose Dharamsala as his home without reason. The region uplifts the body and the soul, no matter how often you visit. More so when your hosts are the royal family[Read More…]

An Enchantment – Trek through Pabbar Valley, Himachal Pradesh

by Shruti Sharma Sometime in April my friends, who were setting up their new adventure travel outfit, Geck & Co Adventurers, asked me to join them on this trek taking the route used by Gaddi[Read More…]

by November 16, 2011 Destinations: India, Himachal Pradesh

Kunzum Travel List #7: Jispa – The oasis across the ridge

This is it. The edge of heaven. As far as oases go, Jispa’s tough to beat. Those driving to Ladakh usually take a night halt here; It’s just the place where the mood kicks in.[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #6: Shoja – Go, lose yourself

Can you have the best of all the worlds? Possibly, if you go to Shoja, a lesser known gem of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. If you go mid-summer onwards, a red carpet welcome awaits[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #5: Thanedar: The birthplace of apples in India

The next time you bite into a juicy apple from Himachal Pradesh, thank American Samuel Evan Stokes for it. He came to India on a leprosy mission in 1904, and was advised to recuperate in[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #04: Sangla: The Gods may have lived here once

Pluck a red, crispy apple from the orchards. Walk down and ruminate while you eat it by the Baspa river. Listen to the musical compositions of the water your iPod cannot compete with. Doff your[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #3: Tabo, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh – The Village of Cavemen and Lamas

Don’t honk when driving into Tabo. You might disturb people sleeping in caves. Tabo is a small Buddhist village of a few hundred, located 3050 m (10,006 feet) above sea level in the cold desert[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #2: Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh: The Land of the Highest Villages

If you want to explore the high altitude cold desert region of Spiti valley, Kaza will be your base for much of it. At about 3800 metres (12,500 feet) Kaza is surrounded by a treasure[Read More…]

Kunzum Travel List #1: Kunzum Route K13 – Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh: It all started here

The journey of Kunzum started in the stunningly beautiful Himalayan region of Lahaul Spiti in 2007. And, our brand was inspired by the Kunzum La (pass) on the way to Kaza from Manali. It is[Read More…]

Lahaul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh: Travel Tips

If you are planning to go to Lahaul Spiti including Kaza and Tabo, here are some travel tips for you: * Getting there: Hitch a ride with a Government or Army helicopter – not a[Read More…]