Kunzum TV – Delhi, India: The Lost Magic of the Bioscope for Cinema Lovers | CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT

Before there was television and the Internet, there was the Bioscope. To bring images of one’s favourite movie stars to the neighbourhood – peppered with music from the Talkies themselves.

Kunzum TV – Delhi, India: World Music Day, Hauz Khas Village, June 21 – 2013 | CULTURE, MUSIC

June 21 is celebrated as World Music day all over the world, and Delhi joined in the festive spirit with its very own celebration of music at Hauz Khas village, featuring professional and amateur artists[Read More…]

by June 30, 2013 Delhi, Kunzum TV, News & Events

Delhi 101: #31 Dariba Kalan – Pearls, gold, silver and all that is precious

Dariba Kalan, translated to ‘Street of Incomparable Pearl,’ is literally beyond compare. Or at least it was the case at a time when all that glittered was gold, silver, diamonds, precious gems and more. The[Read More…]

by July 24, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India

Delhi 101: #30 Hire a wedding band and a mare – for a theme party

If you are married, or have no plans to tie the knot in a hurry, what use can a wedding band be to you? This post has been taken from Delhi 101, a book written by[Read More…]

by July 24, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India

Review: Zangoora, playing at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

Think Bollywood. What kind of imagery comes to your mind? Music, colours, costumes, drama, emotion – it is a kaleidoscope of entertainment like none other. Think Nautanki. An art form for many, it is a[Read More…]

by July 20, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India

Delhi 101: #29 The Katras of Chandni Chowk – Dress up in a wedding saree or lehnga

What is it with women and their wedding outfits? Wonder if scientists will ever isolate the gene that makes wannabe brides treat it like a ‘life and death’ issue? But then again, it is almost[Read More…]

by July 16, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India

Delhi 101: #28 Kinari Bazaar – Where colours change with seasons

Most of what glitters is not gold here, but this is where you go to jazz up for any occasion. Royally. Shopkeepers trace Kinari Bazaar back to the mid-17th century when Mughal Emperor Shahjahan built[Read More…]

by July 16, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India

Delhi 101: #27 Take a walk down Mehrauli Village

In the beginning Delhi was Mehrauli. When new cities like Jahanpanah, Siri and other subsequent ones came up, this became the old city. When Shahjahanabad was built, that was the new Delhi and Mehrauli was[Read More…]

by June 20, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India

Delhi 101: #26 Bet no one tells you this one – Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Right, you would never guess this place exists. 99 percent of Delhites would not know of it either. And it is right behind the city’s most famous landmark, the Qutab Minar. If you mention Jamali[Read More…]

by June 18, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India

Delhi 101: #25 Built in exchange for life – St. James Church

As he lay dying for two days in a battlefield, James Skinner vowed to build a church if he survived. The messiah came in the form of some poor peasants, who nursed him and other[Read More…]

by June 13, 2012 Delhi, Destinations: India