About iKunzum

We travel at Kunzum, and generate content using the written word, photos and videos. And we are a community of travel lovers too – both online and offline (at the Kunzum Travel Cafe).

And iKunzum is the interactive publishing arm of Kunzum, where we are harnessing new media and smart devices to deliver content in formats that are both a treat to consume, and convenient too. Specifically, this is what we do at iKunzum:

Designed for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, other smartphones, e-book readers and tablets, and computers of course. Formats include:

  • iBooks (interactive for the iPad)
  • ePub: For iPhone and most other e-book readers and smartphones
  • .mobi: For Amazon’s Kindle
  • PDF: To be read on any device
  • Slideshare: Read books as presentations online, and download too
  • Issuu: Read with a flipping action online, and download too

We are working on developing apps for your smart devices, and these should be ready soon. Again, it is about packaging content in a way that you would love to consume in.

Traditional Books
Of course, many of us still love the feel of ink on paper – and we agree wholeheartedly. That is why we started with and will continue to publish traditional books.


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