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We travel. What do you do?

If you travel too, how about blogging about it?


Get your own blog, with your own URL like

And join the thousands strong community of travellers who say as one voice


How does it work?
If you are a traveler and have stories and experiences to share with others, you should be blogging about it.

Write to us about your interest, and we will set up a blog for you under Kunzum. That’s all you need to get started.

You decide what you want to post, at what frequency. You choose your own templates, tweak the codes, run your ads, link to whoever or whatever. In other words, it is YOUR blog. Just like it would be on Blogger on WordPress. We will not interfere (unless there is content that my hurt the Kunzum brand).

Why should you come on board with us?
Fair question. After all, you could just go to any blogging platform and anyway set up a blog for yourself. But we have some good reasons why you might want to join us.

  1. Kunzum is #1 Travel Blog in India: Ok, we have not cared for any awards but, in all humility, we feel we are right up there when it comes to travel blogging. Our standards and benchmarks match the best in the world. You will thus be in good company.
  2. Traffic: The problem for every blogger is generating traffic. And that’s what gets them to throw in the towel – soon after starting with all gusto and enthusiasm. How do we get you traffic?
    • Highlight on Home Page: The best posts will be highlighted on Kunzum’s Home Page and linked to your blog.
    • Social Media Promotions: Likewise, we will spread the good word about you through our strong following on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • Cross Link: Those who consistently post good stuff will be linked from Kunzum’s Home Page.
    • Banner Ads: From time to time, we will even promote quality blogs through banner ads on Kunzum.
    • Promotions at the Kunzum Travel Café: We will be happy to promote your blog through our café in Delhi, a meeting ground for travellers.
  3. Training / Mentoring: We guys can claim to know a thing or two about blogging. Including how to set up one, templates, tweaking code (basic stuff though), writing tips, editorial planning, promotions, marketing etc. We will be happy to guide you through the process of setting up and managing your blog.
  4. Your Traffic, Your Ad Revenue: You are free to sell ad space on your blog and keep the revenues 100 percent. It is your effort, and your traffic.
  5. Get your desired URL: Choose what you want to call your blog, get the desired URL like
  6. We work on WordPress, the best blogging platform out there.
  7. All rights to content stay with you, we will not stake any claim to it. You are free to remove content as you desire.

How do you get started?
It’s all very simple:

•    Write to us at about your desire to blog @ Kunzum.
•    Call Shruti Sharma at +91.9650702777 to discuss anything if need be.
•    Tell us the URL you would like.
•    Share with us your contact details like telephone, mailing address etc. – we will need these for our records and verification.
•    We set up for you in a matter of days, or even minutes sometimes.
•    You are ready to go.


I have never blogged before. Is that an issue?
Not at all. It’s very easy, and barriers exist in your mind only.

I am not a very good writer. Should I still blog?
Of course. Blogging is all about personal expression, and getting your word across. Don’t worry about the language too much, focus on the content.

I already have a blog. Can I migrate?
Usually, it should not be too difficult to import all posts from the other blog. But not always. In that case, you can either (a) copy the old posts manually (b) write briefs about old posts and link to them from new blog (c) just let that be with a message that you have now moved.

I have a popular blog already, I don’t want to shut it and lose subscribers and SEO benefits. But I still want to be on Kunzum.
You continue with your old blog. And post excerpts on the new blog linking to the earlier blog. We will not mind. How’s that?

What can I write about?
Anything. This includes places, hotels, food, history, culture, people, wildlife, nature, drives – anything that you encounter as a traveler. You can post from India or anywhere in the world. And it can be a mix of text, pictures and videos.

Can anyone start a blog? Even those from outside India?
Yes, the invitation is open to all.

What will it cost me?
Nothing. We want to create a fraternity of quality bloggers and are willing to bear the costs for these.

How frequently should I post?
It is up to you. We suggest you maintain some consistency though. If your readers expect one post a week, then make sure you deliver at least that much. Blogging does not mean five posts a day – focus on quality, not quantity for the sake of it.

Will you moderate / screen content?
We will not interfere with your postings. But will need to keep our eyes open to ensure there is no objectionable material that might offend people or get anyone into legal trouble.

Can more than one person have the same blog?
Sure, you can collaborate with friends to start a blog. Any number can come together.

I cannot post regularly, can I just be a contributor?
Sure. We invite contributions and post these on Kunzum if it passes quality benchmarks. Or we can try hook you up with others who have a blog @ Kunzum.

Are you ready to go?
Ping us now, we are waiting for your travel stories.

Can I buy / sell stuff through this blog?
Sure, we allow any e-commerce so you can make some money for yourself.


If you are completely new to blogging then here are a few links to help you learn the process: