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Tech for Travellers: BlackBerry Q5 Review – For Messaging Types

What makes it special? At Rs. 24,990, its perhaps the most affordable phone with a modern OS and a proper QWERTY keyboard. The only alternatives in the price range are the older BlackBerry devices.

by August 30, 2013 Stuff, Travel Tech

Music for the Road: Gold by JJ Cale – Vintage Tulsa for the Road

Gold JJ Cale Rs. 250 (

by August 29, 2013 Music, Stuff

Mobile Photography: Six Apps That Add Fizz To Your Photos

One of the joys of taking pictures using your phone is that there are stacks of apps that can transform the images you take. And these six do it best of all, whether you are[Read More…]

by August 28, 2013 photography, Stuff, Travel Photography

e-Books: Five Great Travel Books that you can Read for Free

Want to read about travel, without blowing a hole in your wallet? Well, you can do so by just heading to Project Gutenberg ( and downloading some of these classic titles that are now available[Read More…]

by August 28, 2013 Book Reviews, Stuff

Music for the Road: To Be Loved by Michael Bublé

To Be Loved Michael Bublé Rs. 80 (

by August 27, 2013 Entertainment, Music, Stuff

Mobile Photography: Five Phones that can make you leave your camera behind

We still do not think that cameras on phones can compete with decent prosumers and DSLRs. But these five can more than compensate for the absence of your point and shooter and sometimes, even your[Read More…]

by August 27, 2013 photography, Stuff, Travel Tech

Tech for Travellers: Acer Iconia W3 – Windows 8 in your Pocket

What makes it special? It has the COMPLETE Windows 8, with MS Office 2013 thrown into the mix, in a tablet with a 8.1 inch display that is smaller and lighter than the iPad with[Read More…]

by August 16, 2013 Stuff, Travel Tech

Tech: Our five favourite travel gadgets of 2010

By Nimish Dubey As 2010 is confined to history, we decided to take a step back and look at our favourite travel gadgets of the year. Although we saw no significant move in the GPS[Read More…]

by January 5, 2011 Travel Tech

Tech: Myst – The game for all travellers

By Nimish Dubey Travelling and videogames do not generally go together. The former is considered for those who love the great outdoors, the latter for couch potatoes. And yet there is a whole genre of[Read More…]

by January 4, 2011 Travel Tech

Books: Scotland, as seen by Bond, James Bond

By Nimish Dubey Whatever you associate Sir Sean Connery with, it is certainly not writing about a country, even his own. The man, who many (us at included) consider to have been not just[Read More…]

by January 4, 2011 Book Reviews