About Kunzum

We travel. What do you do?

These words have been Ajay Jain’s signature since the summer of 2007 when he hit the road to Kunzum La (pass) in the Indian Himalayas. And the start of a journey where he has looked back only to reverse his car. Along the way, he has shot tens of thousands of photos and videos, written dozens of books and guides and inspired people to….what else, but travel.

Travelling across India and the rest of the world for over a decade, Ajay has been writing books (printed and electronic), articles and blogs and curating shows of his photography. He is also a regular speaker on the international circuit. Kunzum has been the brand for his travel writing and photographic art venture.

#OneRace Project

Even as he was impressed by the wonders that await during travels, Ajay has been most touched by the #PeopleWeMeet. Each person is different in their social customs, personal values, attire, faith, food, lifestyles, income, habitats and more. Despite this diversity, Ajay realised that, deep within, we are all the same. We feel happy and sad for the same things. And thus the #OneRace project.

Ajay is now on a mission to bring back portraits of people from across the planet to show this oneness. All attempts to create barriers are only political. No human is a stranger to another. We can be all friends despite those who try to divide.

And this is what travel does – it ushers in world peace. Because travellers know no barriers to geographies and to one another. We break bread, raise a toast, sing, dance and laugh spontaneously with each other.


Along the way, Ajay is also on a quest to discover 100 Great Journeys on the planet. Some have been posted, more are on the way. Stay tuned for updates.



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