Travelling Bookworm? Six Reasons Why You Need a Kindle!


Are you one of those for whom travelling and reading go hand in hand? Or for whom reading is a form of travel, and maybe even vice versa? Well, then one piece of technology that you definitely MUST invest in is Amazon’s e-book reader, The Kindle. That is because this is perhaps the best device for anyone who not just loves reading, but also likes to travel (or vice versa, again). And this is no idle statement. Check these six points to find out what a Kindle is the best companion for all ye travelling bookworms:

It lets you carry ALL your books with you
One of the biggest headaches for many people while setting out on a trip is figuring out which books to take and which to leave behind. With a Kindle, that pretty much gets taken care of by itself. Even a Kindle with the least storage capacity (4GB right now) is capable of holding hundreds of books. And anyway, every book you purchase from the Kindle is stored free of cost by Amazon on the cloud – you can download it whenever you wish! Basically, you can carry all your books along in a device that can slip into a coat pocket and which weighs a little more than a smartphone.

It comes with an always open bookstore
With a Kindle, you never have to wander around looking for a bookstore. As long as you have Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi, unless you have a 4G enabled Kindle), you will be able to browse through Amazon’s massive Kindle bookstore which has thousands of books. And you can purchase them at any time you wish (all you need is a credit or debit card). This is a bookstore that never shuts and where new books keep coming in. Oh and you can download free samples of almost every book out there!

It is great to read on!
A lot of people do not seem to realise it but the Kindle is actually very good to read on. It tries to replicate the paper experience, and what’s more, even lets you adjust fonts and font sizes. If you are confused by a word, just highlight it and the handy inbuilt dictionary will show you its meaning. You can also make notes and highlight passages, without needing any stationery whatsoever or even messing up a book.

It works at night (or in the dark)
Well, this should have been part of the previous point, but we think it is an important enough factor to get a point of its own. All the new Kindles now come with frontlighting, which means they can be used in the dark. And Amazon has designed the lights in such a way that light falls on the text, which makes the reading experience much easier on the eyes (or so Amazon says). So you can still read even if you are in an area where there is no electricity or stuck in the corner of a dark bus or sitting next to a co-passenger who insists on keeping the lights off.

It has free Internet
You read that right. If you buy a 4G edition of the Kindle, you get an Internet connection in the device. And as long as you use it to browse the Kindle store and download books or book samples, you will be charged ZILCH for it. Yes, this is a special Kindle 4G feature – the mobile Internet connection is free for a lifetime as long as you use it for browsing the Kindle Store and downloading books from it. How cool is that?

It has fantastic battery life
All this with a battery life that runs into not hours, but days. Even the most basic Kindle can easily last a few days on a single charge and this gets into a week and week and a half territory as you go up the levels. So you can actually charge your Kindle once before your weekend trip and leave your charger behind. You will not need it. Incidentally, it charges off a micro USB port so most phone chargers can also charge it.

 Traveller’s Tip: If you are going to an area where rainfall and/or water is going to be a factor, then we would suggest going for either the new Paperwhite or the Oasis. Both are water and dust resistant!



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