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A few weeks ago, we had written about Firefox’s new service, Send (, which let you send information to anyone from any device. Well, while that service is amazing, there are others which let you do something similar in a different manner. And one of these is the very appropriately named Send Anywhere (

As the name indicates, the service is all about sending information to people – photographs, files, just about anything. And unlike Firefox’s Send service, where you had to upload a file and then generate a link to download it, here the system is very different and yet is still simple enough. Here, you do not have to upload your file to any location. All you have to do is head to the site on your computer – – and then simply choose the send option. After that choose the information or file you wish to send,  and then hit Send.

And this is where things get interesting,

For, when you do hit Send, you will see a six-digit code as well as a scannable QR code appear on your computer’s display. All a person has to do to receive the information you are sending is go to the same site or use the Send Anywhere app (available for Android and iOS, and all platforms really), select “Receive” and enter that six-digit code, or scan that QR code, and Voila, the information will be transferred to their device. Irrespective of where they are. They could be on another continent for all you know. No messing around with mail addresses, passwords, and no need even to log into the service. All they need is that six-digit code, which you could message to them from anywhere and they will be able to download the information.

It costs nothing. Requires no login whatsoever. No hotspot creation or anything complex.  Yes, there are ads, but unlike those in ShareIt and some other services, they are not intrusive.

What it does need is an Internet connection, and well, given the state of connectivity these days, those are quite readily available. So basically, if you have Internet connectivity, you have the power to share your images, documents, presentations or just about anything with anyone as long as they too have an Internet connection. And doing so does not require a mail service, logging in or anything of the sort – it is as easy as you hitting Send and the others hitting Receive. There are no accounts involved and unlike other services like ShareIt or even Apple’s AirDrop where there’s a slight chance of the wrong person getting your file, here only a person who has the six-digit code can retrieve it. So it is pretty secure as well.

And this is the rough and ready version. If you want to have a more comprehensive experience, well, you can then sign in to the service (it is free – and you can sign in using Google or Facebook as well ) and also get the option to send a link to the information you have shared or just an e-mail. The person getting the mail will get a clickable link which will take him to a site from where he can click Receive and download the file you have sent. Need even more? You can sign up for a Send Anywhere Plus account. Yes, it will set you back by USD 5.99 per month, but in exchange you will get much faster and secure transfers, links that will have no expiry dates (it expires in 48 hours otherwise) and the option to create a massive 1 TB worth of data to share. And of course, you get rid of the ads too, although we did not find them too pesky.

Truth be told, we are not too interested in the Plus version as of now – enterprise and hardcore photography types might love it, though, given their needs for greater data – but what we really love is the ability to send information simply and swiftly in a relatively secure manner, from any device anywhere to any other anywhere If that is all that you want to do as well, and have a decent Internet connection handy, then we would recommend heading over to!

Sending information and files does not get simpler than this!

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