Firefox Send: Send 1 GB of Information to Anyone, Securely and Simply (no sign in, no ads)


Imagine you have to send some information to another person. Chances are that you will head to your trusty e-mail service or messenger. But these often come with their own limitations. Email services can sometimes come with restrictions on the size of files that can be attached, and messengers and other services can sometimes adversely affect the quality of what you are sending (resolutions of images can get affected sometimes).

You can also, of course, use online storage options like Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive, but you would need to register for these, and of course, log in to them and give sharing and sending details. 

Suppose we were to tell you that there was a rock solid, secure service that lets you send files of up to 1 GB to anyone, through any method — SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, e-mail (any e-mail), the works. And that it required no signing up or signing in. You just went to the site and uploaded the file and that was it. It did not even matter if the person receiving the file had any sort of account or not. 

Well, that is Firefox Send for you. 

Yes, it comes from the same folks who make the Firefox browser, Mozilla. So you can be sure of the service being reliable, and of a good support system being in place. There is also an Android application in development at the time of writing, but we would simply advise you to use it through the browser on your mobile phone or computer — it works across all devices smoothly.

firefox2 firefox3

To use the service, open your device’s Internet browser and go to this site. It is incredibly simple and will straight away present you with a bog into which you can drag and drop the files you wish to send or alternately you can select which files to upload. You can send files of upto 1 GB in size in total without signing in.

Once you have selected the files, you can then specify when the download will expire — you can say that the file can be downloaded just once, and that can be done within the next five minutes, one hour or one day. If not downloaded within that time, the file cannot be downloaded at all — it sort of auto-destructs. Cool, eh?

Once you have selected the file and specified the time during which it can be downloaded, you just need to hit the upload button and Firefox Send will upload the file and will generate a web link. Just send the link to the person whom you wish to send the files — through whatever means you wish (mail, message, whatever).

All this person has to do is click on the link, and they will be able to download the files. That’s it, you are done. The whole process is secure and we have not seen any pesky ads popping up while we were uploading or downloading files! The best part? The service assures us of end to end encryption from the moment you share information to the time it is opened.



You can also do a little more if you sign up for a Firefox account (it is free, relax). You can send up to 2.5 GB of information, specify a greater number of downloads (2, 3, 4, 5, 20, 50 and 100) and can also keep the link alive for a week. Handy?

Definitely, but we love the no-sign-in method better. And in most cases (especially in travel), 1 GB is more than enough for sending information. What you WOULD, however, need is a good internet connection, especially if your files are of a large size. Fortunately, that is not as much of an issue as it once used to be. 

So the next time you have to send a file and want to do it with minimum fuss, just head here. It really works.




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