OnePlus 7 Pro: Seven Reasons Why This OnePlus is Premium


Some things come as a given with OnePlus phones – the best in class processor, lots of RAM and a surprisingly affordable price. The OnePlus 7 Pro, however, is a rather different kettle of fish. It is the first OnePlus which comes close to commanding a premium price, and costs almost 50 per cent more than its non-pro OnePlus 7 brother. So what makes this OnePlus 7 so special as to merit those bucks and that Pro tag? Well, consider the following:

That edge to edge display
OnePlus has always had decent rather than outstanding displays but that has changed with the 7 Pro. The phone has a spectacular flowing AMOLED 6.71 inch display that goes from edge to edge, tapering over the sides in the manner of Samsung’s flagship devices. And after being on full HD for seemingly the longest ever time, OnePlus has given the Pro a quad HD (3120 x 1440) display. That puts it right alongside the likes of the Note 9, the S10+ and even the Pixel 3XL. And no, it does not have a notch!

That 90 MHz refresh rate
Perhaps the most striking aspect of the display is the fact that it comes with a 90 Mhz refresh rate which is among the highest seen in phones in the market. That means graphics and animations will appear significantly more smooth than on most other displays, which generally have a 60 MHz refresh rate. This is premium stuff indeed.

Those three cameras at the back
Cameras have not been the strongest point of the OnePlus range but OnePlus is trying to change that with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The phone comes with three cameras at the back – a massive 48 megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor with a large f/1.6 aperture and OIS, an 8-megapixel telephoto lens capable of 3x optical zoom with OIS, and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera. Yes, we know numbers alone do not count for much, but the cameras have been used to shoot for a Nat Geo cover as well as the posters of a Netflix series, and are on paper, right up there with the best.

That one camera at the front…and a tough one it is
A 16-megapixel front facing camera might not sound very special these days. But the one on the OnePlus 7 Pro is a pop up one, emerging from behind the display when needed. And it is not a fragile one either – it can withstand being used up to 3,00,000 times, automatically retracts when it senses the phone has been dropped and also has a dust resistant mechanism. Forget the images, this thing in itself is a bit of a tech wonder.

That battery and warp charge
The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with the largest battery seen on a OnePlus device – a 4000 mAh one. And it charges very fast too, in best OnePlus tradition. You thought Dash Charge was fast? OnePlus has taken things to a new level with what it calls Warp Charge, which it claims can charge about half the battery in twenty minutes! Mind you, there is no wireless charging.

Of course, those specs!
All those premium features would need a lot of power to run smoothly and the OnePlus 7 Pro has it in spades. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which many consider to be the best in the business right now, and comes with 6 GB / 128 GB and 8 GB / 256 GB RAM and storage variants (no expandable memory even now). There is a fingerprint scanner in the display and there is also stereo sound, although no 3.5 mm audio jack. All this with all the connectivity options you would want (including 4G, but), Android 9 with OnePlus’ clean Oxygen OS UI, and well, the OnePlus 7 Pro has enough on board to keep running smoothly. For a while.

And that price tag
And for once, all of this does not come at an insanely affordable price. The OnePlus 7 Pro comes at Rs 48,999 for the 6 GB/ 128 GB variant, Rs 52,999 for the 8 GB/ 256 GB one and 57,999 for a 12 GB/256 GB one. That is expensive by OnePlus standards. Yes, the McLaren Edition also came with a stiff price tag (, but that was a special edition. The Pro is clearly OnePlus making a bid for premium glory. Stay tuned for our report card to find out if it achieves it.

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