Navigate to Photo: Tap a Picture To Get its Location…and Even Go There


Ever looked at a picture and wondered exactly where it was taken? And how you could get there? Well, there is an app for that. We kid you not. It is called Navigate to Photo and as its very name indicates, it is designed to take you to the location shown in the photograph.

Navigate to Photo is currently available only for iOS (so it will work only on iPhones and iPads) and it is totally free. It is not even a very heavy download – just around 12 MB. And using it is very easy indeed. Once it is installed, you need to need to enable it to be used by the Photos application on your iPhone. To do so, just select any photo and tap on the Share button. This will generally show you two rows of options – the upper row has a list of apps and the lower row a list of actions, what Apple calls Action Extensions. You need to select More (the three dots at the end) and from the list that pops up, select Navigate to Photo. That’s it. The next time you select a photograph in your Photos app, just hit on Share and now you will see Navigate to Photo on the Action Extensions row.

Using it is just as simple as installing it. Here you go:

  1. Select a photograph in the Photos app
  2. Click on Share.
  3. As we pointed out before, you will now get Navigate to Photo as one of the options in Action Extensions row (just below the application row). Of course, select Navigate to Photo
  4. You will now see the location of where the photograph was taken on a map, and will also get the option to see it on other applications – like Apple Maps and Google Maps. Generally, most map and navigation related apps will be shown here.
  5. You can select an app from the list and it will open up and show you how to get to the location shown in the photograph. If you have the Uber app installed on your phone, it will even show you the fare a cab would charge to get you to that location. How cool is that?
  6. If you want more applications to be seen here, select the Manage the App List and add other apps by downloading them.

All of which is pretty borderline magical. And the use scenarios are multiple – you can simply share your location by sending people a photograph of the place and letting them get to you using the app. It is definitely more descriptive than sending a map location, which they can get from the picture anyway. What’s more, you can actually select more than one picture – you can select up to five and get all their locations as well!

There is a catch, though. Apart from the fact that it is not available on Android. And that is that the photographs should come with location information to be available to use this option. If you have shut off Location Services on your device, then the app will not be able to show you the location of a photograph. To switch on Location Services, just go to Settings, choose General and then select Privacy.

If a picture has location information on it, the app will be able to show you its location on a map and also offer you navigation options to get to it. Yes, even if it is taken from an Android device or any other camera. All of which makes Navigate to Photo one of those must-have applications for anyone using an iOS device. It is free (no ads even), and it works very well indeed, especially for those who love to get around. What more could one ask for?

Download Navigate to Photo from the iTunes App Store:

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