Tiny Time Killer: the Spearman (iOS, Android)


All those who take the subway or any public transport for their daily commute, know that the ride can sometimes be pretty boring. The gadget that comes to our rescue from the evils of boredom is our smartphone.

But the smartphone can be just another digi-box if it has nothing worthy of killing time with. If you are fed up with the basic time-killers like Subway Surfer and Temple Run, and are looking for something that is familiar and not complicated, then we have just the right casual game for you. BYV has developed a game called The Spearman which is basically the best of both worlds when it comes to casual gaming.

Why, you ask? Well, remember Angry Birds? The game where you had to pull angry birds and then release on a certain angle so that they would hit the pigs sitting on the other side of the screen? The Spearman is kind of like that. With completely different graphics (definitely not as colourful) but based on the same concept: the basic physics of a slingshot.


The game is pretty simple, both in terms of graphics and process. In the game you are a stickman with a spear in his hand who has to hit his enemy with the spear before the enemy hits you. For every enemy you kill, you get a point but you can earn four points if you hit two of the bad guys, consecutively, right in the head.

Unlike other games where you have to cross levels and the difficulty level increases as you go up levels, on The Spearman the difficulty level goes up with time. So there are no levels to the game, it just keeps getting tougher and tougher as time passes.

You will suddenly start getting multiple enemies and more arrows will start flying at you more accurately, but you would have to survive in order to keep earning points. It literally is the survival of the fittest — or actually, the survival of the one with the most accurate aim.

We love the game because it is like a mix of two of our most favourite concepts: it takes the slingshot from Angry Birds, and much like the super-loved endless running games, it just goes on. We also love the fact that it is so easy to play but becomes difficult once you learn how to stand your ground.


And well, we also dig the basic graphics. There are no fancy 3D characters or life-life scenes, just some stickmen throwing sticks at each other to kill the other. 

We would advise you to keep your data pack or Wi-Fi connection off while playing the game as that can invite a few buggy ads. But other than that, it is a pretty light, uncomplicated, addictive game which will not only help you kill time during those metro rides, but will make you want to beat your own score once you get the hang of it.

The app is available on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store for free and because it is such a light app, you will not have to worry about it taking too much space on your phone. So what are you waiting for? Go kill some stickmen!

Download The Spearman:
For Android
For iOS



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