Patan, Gujarat – India | e-Book


A queen’s stepwell, and a saree meant for one
If you didn’t know any better, you would drive by the dusty town of Patan in Gujarat and miss fascinating nuggets of history and culture going back centuries. This is where you can get the last authentic versions of the famed Patola saree, the Salvis being the only family making it. Delivery time can stretch to five years!!

Patan is also where you will find the Rani ki Vav, one of the most exquisite of stepwells. Who could have thought of making such an effort for a water reservoir? And close by is another hidden gem: the Sun Temple in Modhera. Don’t miss these when in Gujarat.

Buy the e-book from any of the following sources. More formats coming soon.

* Lulu (PDF)
* Magzter (PDF)
* iTunes (Interactive iBook) – Coming Soon (Might not be available in some countries)
* iTunes (ePub) – Coming Soon
* Kindle (.mobi) – Coming Soon
* ePub (for most reading devices) – Coming Soon



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