All New Kindle Oasis: Six Points Worth Noting in the Next Flagship Kindle


Its official launch is a few weeks away, but Amazon has already taken the wraps off the next edition of its high-end Kindle e-book reader. The Oasis has always been the flagship of the Kindle range of e-book readers, and come July 24, it is getting a new avatar. As of now, these are the six features that we think really stand out in the e-book reader:

Changed lighting
Like its predecessor, the All New Kindle Oasis will also be frontlit. But there is a difference this time around. In addition to the good old white light, there is also a “warm amber,” which is slightly yellowish and similar to the “reading mode” or “night mode”  that we have seen on some phones. Amazon claims that this will make for more comfortable reading at night. You can even schedule the time at which the display will switch colours. It is still the most bright display on a Kindle, with 25 LEDs as compared to 5 on the Paperwhite and 4 on the base model!

Improved e-ink
The trademark of all Amazon Kindle e-readers is the presence of an e-ink display. It is a greyscale display that is designed mainly for reading, and does not support videos or colours, but on the flip side, appears almost paper-like, allows great battery life and most importantly, puts very little strain on the readers’ eyes as it is not backlit and for that reason is also very readable even in bright sunlight. But not all e-ink displays are the same, and Amazon claims that the one on the All New Kindle Oasis has been improved. It promises to deliver a much smoother reading experience and faster page turns.  Considering that one of the few problems of the Kindle is the touch experience, we certainly hope the Oasis will get us a little closer to what we experience on iOS and Android devices.

With a new colour
Kindle devices have generally been limited when it comes to colours. We have had to choose between black, white and grey. Well, that changes with the All New Kindle Oasis, which will be available in a new shade called Champagne Gold. Will that make a massive difference? Perhaps to the digital bookworms who like to show off e-book readers. We are not the type, really, But it is always good to have options – the other shade is the slightly greyish good old Graphite!

Still the largest display…and page turn buttons
What had made the previous Kindle Oasis special was the fact that it packed in a large 7 inch display, which is the largest among the Kindles currently in the market. And that has not changed. It might be lit differently and have a new colour and better e-ink technology, but the All New Kindle Oasis still has a large 7.0 inch display. And it is also the only new Kindle to come with dedicated page turn buttons. These are on the wide bezel on the right hand side and allow you to go a page ahead and back with a single push. Yes, you can use the touchscreen to turn pages too, but this seems a much less intrusive way of doing so. Incidentally, the Kindle’s display and page turn buttons adjust with orientation, so left handers can simply turn the Kindle around and hold it with their left hands – the page turn buttons will still work, only their functionality will have been reversed.

Largely similar design and specs
In terms of overall design, it is going to be very hard to tell the previous generation Oasis apart from the current one, unless you get a different coloured model. The general design is the same, with a screen dominated front, and the right hand side having a wide bezel to enable you to hold the device one handed. The charging port is still at the base (or the top, depending on how you hold the device) and you still have storage variants of 8 GB and 32 GB. In terms of connectivity, there is a Wi-Fi only variant and also a 4G and Wi-Fi variant. And yes, 4G is inbuilt and free for your lifetime as long as you are using it to browse the Kindle Store and download books from it.

And still expensive
The All New basic Kindle model starts at Rs 7,999. The All New Paperwhite starts at Rs 12,999. The All New Oasis, however, starts at a much higher price – Rs 21,999 for the 8 GB Wi-Fi only model. You can also get the 32 GB Wi-Fi only model for Rs 24,999. And if you want the 4G and Wi-Fi 32 GB edition, well, get ready to shell out Rs 28,999 (that’s more than a basic iPad). Yes, the base Kindle Oasis model costs more than the base Kindle and the base Paperwhite combined! Expensive? Undoubtedly. Worth it? We will find out when we get to use it. It will go on sale in India on August 19, 2019.



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