Glasses from Bose? The Bose Frames Sure Sound Right!


For most people, the Bose brand is synonymous with premium audio equipment. Well, the brand just got into a new segment – smart spectacles. Yes, they are spectacles but they could pretty much change how we hear music. They are called Bose Frames. What is so special about them? Check out the following points:

They are spectacles… (you can remove the lenses)
The Bose Frames come in two designs, Alto (square shaped) and Rodo (round). Although made of premium materials (gold plated steel hinges and charging pins), they are incredibly light at a mere 45 grammes. They have uniformly tinted lenses, which can be replaced easily.  options available include a Blue Gradient, non-polarized lens for both styles, and different polarized options for each — Mirrored Silver for Alto, and Mirrored Rose Gold for Rondo.  All lenses come with scratch and shatter resistance. Simple English? They are proper spectacles.

 …that play music
Except that they are not just proper spectacles! The Bose Frames come with tiny speakers (Bose calls them a “miniscule, wafer-thin acoustic package”) in each arm of the glasses. There are some other gadget-y touches too – the right temple has a very small microphone as well as a multi-function button on it. You can use the button for routine earphone functions like switching the sound on and off, for pairing, and also for calls. The microphone is a great option for those who like issuing voice commands – Siri and Google Assistant are just a quick word away!

There is some AR as well
The Frames are not just about sound, though. There is some augmented reality (AR) onboard as well, courtesy Bose’s augmented reality platform which focuses on sound rather than visuals (unlike Google Glasses). No, you will not have visuals crowding your lenses, but you will be able to do a whole lot more from doing exercises to finding places to even playing audio-oriented games. Making this happen are a 9-axis head motion sensor which works in collaboration with GPS on your iOS or Android device to figure out your location and in which direction you are facing. Sounds promising and a lot less cluttered than the usual AR which is very visual based, doesn’t it?

Battery life is…sorta low
As far as earphones go, the battery life of the Bose Frame is a bit on the lower side. We have been told the Frames will deliver three and a half hours of playback and 12 hours of standby. Bose says that they can be recharged in “under two hours,” but even that does not seem over impressive, especially in this era of super fast charging devices. Achilles Heel? Well, we will find out.

They cost a bit!
Well, you did not expect something this innovative, and that too from the house of Bose, to come with a bargain basement price tag, did you? The Bose Frames start at Rs 21,900. Yes, you can get some excellent Bluetooth earphones and headphones at a much lower price, but while sound is an integral part of the Bose Frames, there is much more to them. And as a complete package, which blends high quality spectacles, sound and an element of AR, the Frames are perhaps in a zone of their own right now. Let’s see what the competition can come up with.

Will the Bose Frames prove to be a “Sound” investment? Well, we will find out when we get to try them. But as of now, they definitely add a new dimension to Bose. One which travellers might really appreciate.




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